Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow 2014

To snow or not to snow - that was the question going into today.  You never know with our weather if it will really happen.  School officials decided to play it safe and dismissed at 11:30 - car line on early dismissal days is very slow going, by the way.  Lots of unfamiliar faces picking up and no one is sure what they're supposed to be doing.
Kids came home and Jake went straight to the Morgans' to play football.  Ella Kate & Tanner headed home with us to wait for the blizzard.  Around 2:00 it started to snow the tiniest snowflakes you've ever seen.  It was a very dry snow that accumulated slowly but it sure was cold!  It was about an inch or less of actual accumulation but it filled the need in our southern hearts.
Jake played football until he was frozen solid.  Just as he was coming home, Michael and I were taking Ella Kate & Tanner out for a walk.  Tanner didn't remember last year's brief snow so he was pretty fascinated.  Ella Kate was excited to play in it but she's like her mama and it doesn't take much cold and she's d-o-n-e. 

 Love this picture despite the snowflake and the blurriness :)

 Perfect place for a snow angel!
 My favorite pic of the day :)

 Sweet Baby looks pretty with snow in her black fur

 This girl can ROCK a hat!

The only glimpse I got of him in the snow - at least he's smiling ;)