Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

My girl started out the week with a little fever and belly ache.  It turned out to be short lived and she was better by Monday night.  Thank goodness because we had a week FULL of snow coming!!!

While she was finishing recooperating we made a little snow cream.  It was gross.  I won't lie. No matter how I make this stuff, it's just not that good.  Maybe it's just a rite of passage.  None of the kids liked it either.  At least we can say we tried!

Good thing she felt better really fast...  The kids went to school Monday but school was called off for Tuesday.  Early in the morning there was nothing on the ground but it didn't take long for the flakes to start falling.  It fell all day long.  I have never seen flakes so big, that fell so long, that didn't stick hardly at all!! Crazy! But 5 minutes away at both Mimi & Pop's and at Nana & Papa James's house, they had tons of snow that stuck! We took Ella Kate & Tanner to Nana's house to play for a while, while Jake played with some friends in the neighborhood. 

 Mid Throw!

 My favorite :)

 Tanner loved building a snowman - it was his favorite thing throughout the week.  Turns out his snowmen are awful tall and skinny with lots and lots of body parts! :)


They played until dark and we had to pick Bubba up.  Back home to wait for more! The forecast called for another huge round the next day!
We woke up the next morning to a steady light snow.  It wasn't an immediate snow but a slow one.  We went for a walk and found Bubba having a snowball fight with friends.  We tried a few hills in the neighborhood with no success.  Time to hit the big one. When it comes to sledding, we have yet to find any that can rival the hills of Dorman. We made a quick stop at Mimi & Pop's to play in the snow with Mimi.  We found some big mud/snow piles across the street that Jake and Tanner enjoyed for a little while :)
Snowball fight with friends & a little walk

@ Mimi & Pop's

 Missed him in the act but he's checking out his snow angel


On to the big one

 Nothing stops this boy from a good tantrum

 Best Dressed :)
What a fun day.  No joke we were out enjoying the white stuff all day long!! We came home a tired but happy bunch. We blew up the air mattress and the kids and I had a slumber party in the living room in anticipation of losing power. At least we'd already be near the heat source (fireplace) and wouldn't have to set up beds in the middle of the night! What I remember most about this night was falling asleep by the open glass doors and the outside just glowed. The white cover reflected on everything and it hardly even looked dark.  It's the neatest sight to see a snowy night. Ella Kate commented on it and loved the sight too :)

It alternated snow and sleet all night long and we awoke to more white stuff than our kids had ever seen! I think total we probably had around 6 inches. It was beautiful!
The snowman - Tanner was totally obsessed with the idea of building a snowman. Notice I said the idea - not the work :)

 Street snowboarding

 LOVE IT! :)
 The only time you let your baby chill out in the middle of the street

We ended the night with a sweet, sweet surprise from our neighbors. Connie & Beas brought the kids Chick Fil A gift cards over for Valentine's Day. So thoughtful of them - we are very blessed!
All in all a once in a childhood experience. Usually. :)