Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Under the Weather

T is still feeling bad.  I guess I should be very thankful.  He will be one year old next week and this is the first time he has been sick.  Very, very blessed. 
He went to the doctor today and after ruling out an ear infection, the doctor sent us on our way.  Guess that is the only sickness of concern these days. :)  He did say if the fever is still here on Friday to bring him back.  I think that visit should be free of charge under reason code "whatever you are going to do today, you should have done on the last visit."

Tanner got some Bobby-love today.  That seems to make the other two feel better. :)  He got some KK-love too but there would be no picture proof of that. :) 

Hoping tomorrow is a better day.....

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