Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Day

**I'm going to be ambitious this year...this brand new year I've been given.  Given.  A wonderful gift of time to spend with the people I love.  I'm going to take at least one picture every single day.  365 of them.  Oh's a LEAP year!  Make that 366! :)  I can't wait to see if I can do it and at the end of the year, look back at what each of our days has held.

Batman shirts courtesy of Mimi & Pop for Christmas.  Bobby has a matching one.  LOVE them!!
I apologize for the awful, awful blurriness of this otherwise totally adorable picture.  :(

Our first outing of 2012 was lunch at Cracker Barrel with Mimi & Pop.  Black-eyed peas, on the house!  A long wait, checkers with Pop, hanging out in rocking chairs, and shopping with Mimi....  Lunch was chaos.  It always is. 

After lunch the boys came home for naps (Michael is fighting a cold and Tanner is still fighting sleep) and the girls went to TRU to spend Christmas $$$.  Ella Kate picked the cutest doll.  I had to share....

At first glance, a sweet little family...

But wait!  Momma is preggo!

What do we have here?!

Yes folks, we have a removable tummy holding a baby!!  I LOVE this!! 

I think when kids (at an older age) have experienced pregnancy and a newborn with their parents, it all just seems so natural to them.  My kids often comment on pregnant women, newborns, and all that they entail and they light up as it reminds them of 2010 - the year WE had a baby. :)

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