Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Duggar Time

My friends and I are pretty quirky.  We do quirky things...a lot of the time.  But that is okay because we do them together.  Like standing around forever Sunday night after church to have our picture made with not 1 Duggar but with SIX of them...separately!! :) 

When compared to the 6 hours we spent on the steps of a local church waiting for the Jon & Kate doesn't seem so odd now does it? 

The Duggars (Jim Bob, Michelle, John-David, Jill, Jessa & Jinger) made a surprise appearance at our church on Sunday night.  Our pastor was speaking on a Christian's role in politics and they were in SC campaiging for Rick Santorum and needed a place to worship that night.  It fit perfectly. 

I serve in the preschool choir on Sunday nights so I didn't get to hear them speak but that was okay because I was there for the pictures afterward! :)

My oh-so-precious choir class.  I honestly love this little group!!

with JimBob

with Michelle - she is really tiny in person!

with Jessa & Jinger - all the girls are very pretty!!

with Jill

and finally with John-David

They were all very nice and patient with all the photos.  Such a fun night...a perfect surprise to end the birthday weekend!


Hannah Banana said...

Jealous!!! I have been wanting to go stalk them down. But haven't been able to find the time. Dang it!!!!

I love the girls hair! Beautiful.

And do Jim Bob and Michelle match? That's too stinking cute!!!!

Hannah Banana said...

I sent you an award on your blog. :)