Monday, January 02, 2012


A quiet day at home...the last one before life starts back.

I have enjoyed the last two weeks - no schedule, nowhere to be, the busyness of life is on hold. 

But I'm ready to get back to "normal" now.  There is a little too much togetherness going on.

Tonight I asked Ella Kate what I was going to do at home tomorrow alone.  She reminded me that I would have T :) and then suggested I invite a friend over to talk about our kids and eat.  :)

We'll start back tomorrow with a bang - no easing into things for us. 

Today, though, we stayed home and watched football for most of the day.  Jake assumed this position for 95% of the day:

tossing his football the entire time

Ella Kate was content to play in her room but would only allow this much of her to be photographed

until I snuck in and snapped this as she squealed in protest!

Tanner wasn't feeling that hot today.  I'm not sure what is going on with him.  He hasn't slept nearly enough since the kids have been out of school.  I'm hoping once they go back, he'll go back to his normal routine and get some much needed rest.  I think he feels like he's missing out if he naps while they are home. :)  That combined with cutting teeth is wearing him out lately.  He laid around and was puny for most of the day. 

Then it was bathtime and he perked up a bit.  We actually saw a smile. :)

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