Monday, January 30, 2012

Verbal Vomit

  • I have 20,984 emails in my inbox.  Really?  Is that even possible?  I should probably just delete them all and start over.  But what if I neeeeed one of them?  Am I an email hoarder? 
  • Last week I dropped my phone in a cup of DP (what else) for all of 2 seconds.  Verdict - dead.  My husband, he jumps in the lake with his in his pocket.  Verdict - alive.  Something is definitely wrong with that.  I bit the bullet and got an iPhone and surprisingly I love it!!  I loved my Droid X too but this seems more "user friendly" in some ways. 
  • I got two gifts I love, love, love for Christmas and they truly show my age and stage of life - a trash can and a dustbuster.  Funny, I know. :)  The trash can was a surprise from my mil for hubbie and me.  It is stainless steel so very pretty but also has a foot pedal.  Nice extra....I think not.  Necessary extra....I think so!  It feels so much cleaner not to have to touch the lid but to still have one on it.  The dustbuster, I requested.  I have been wanting one but was too cheap to buy it.  I seriously don't know how I survived without it.  If you have kids, you need a dustbuster.  It totally beats breaking out the oversized vacuum cleaner.  I clean up much more than I did before, just because it's EASY!  And the fun part just points to what a nerd I am so we won't go there. :)
  • Jake has outgrown his 7:30/8 bedtime.  I knew it was coming.  His new 8:30/9 bedtime is much less desirable for the "me time" we so desperately need.  And it's so hard when you have another one so close behind in age, but so far behind in her need for sleep.  She could probably benefit from a 7:00 bedtime.  But, alas, we find her staying up with her brother to keep the peace.  Until it all blows up in our faces, that is probably how the chips will fall.
  • Wheat Thins...I could eat an entire box a day.  Enough said.
  • And, lastly, I'd like to tell you to go read THIS!  Loved it....
1.  Don’t take too much credit for their good.
2.  Don’t take too much credit for their bad.
3. Don’t try to raise a good child. Raise a God-following adult.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Duggar Time

My friends and I are pretty quirky.  We do quirky things...a lot of the time.  But that is okay because we do them together.  Like standing around forever Sunday night after church to have our picture made with not 1 Duggar but with SIX of them...separately!! :) 

When compared to the 6 hours we spent on the steps of a local church waiting for the Jon & Kate doesn't seem so odd now does it? 

The Duggars (Jim Bob, Michelle, John-David, Jill, Jessa & Jinger) made a surprise appearance at our church on Sunday night.  Our pastor was speaking on a Christian's role in politics and they were in SC campaiging for Rick Santorum and needed a place to worship that night.  It fit perfectly. 

I serve in the preschool choir on Sunday nights so I didn't get to hear them speak but that was okay because I was there for the pictures afterward! :)

My oh-so-precious choir class.  I honestly love this little group!!

with JimBob

with Michelle - she is really tiny in person!

with Jessa & Jinger - all the girls are very pretty!!

with Jill

and finally with John-David

They were all very nice and patient with all the photos.  Such a fun night...a perfect surprise to end the birthday weekend!

MY Birthday

As far as I can recall (which isn't very far these days), I did not share this with anyone prior to my birthday.  I felt a huge small amount of guilt about it. 

As the big day approached, I started to get a little sad about "our" birthday. 

The choice to share a birthday with Tanner was starting to seem like a bad one. 

I mean, moms share every aspect of their lives.  Nothing is their own anymore.  And that is okay.  But your is yours.  There is just no need to share that....until you decide to birth a baby on that day.  Then you relinquish your day.  Selfish?  Probably.  My own fault?  Definitely.

I have always shared a birthday with my grandfather.   I have not once thought he might be getting gypped on that day.  He has never acted like he felt gypped.  Did he I wonder? 

Anyway, I was feeling a bit sad.  The week before, though, I pretty much forgot about it.  I was totally busy making party plans for Tanner (seeing as to how I saved them all until the last minute) and I was resigned to the way it was going to be.  I almost completely forgot at times that it was also my birthday and always referred to the day as Tanner's birthday.  Jake, in his moments of sweetness, would always remind me that it was mine too. :) 

Fast forward to Friday, the 13th, the day before the big day and the big party.  I was cleaning and preparing like a mad woman.  I was surprised at lunchtime with a good friend bringing EGGROLLS!! BIG smiles all around! :)  It made me smile just remembering that I ate about 4, 783 of them in the days after Tanner was born!  I asked every visitor to bring them. :)  I was touched that she did that and thought it would be all there was to my day.  In fact, I was kind of irritated that my husband had insisted on taking me out to eat that night for my birthday.  I did not have time for that.  He was adamant.  I gave in because I did think it was nice of him.  I thought he was really making an effort to not let my birthday be glazed over this year. 

Boy was he making an effort.  My husband who has never kept a secret and never pulled off a surprise gave me a surprise "party".  He gathered my very best friends for a very special dinner at the restaurant I had mentioned several times.  He even made sure I had my favorite pie! 

The best part is that I was completely oblivious.  I am still kind of shocked about that.  I am usually so attentive to things.  I notice details - it's just who I am.  But this time I didn't and I am soooo glad! 

4 of the best girlfriends there are!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Under the Weather

T is still feeling bad.  I guess I should be very thankful.  He will be one year old next week and this is the first time he has been sick.  Very, very blessed. 
He went to the doctor today and after ruling out an ear infection, the doctor sent us on our way.  Guess that is the only sickness of concern these days. :)  He did say if the fever is still here on Friday to bring him back.  I think that visit should be free of charge under reason code "whatever you are going to do today, you should have done on the last visit."

Tanner got some Bobby-love today.  That seems to make the other two feel better. :)  He got some KK-love too but there would be no picture proof of that. :) 

Hoping tomorrow is a better day.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


What do you get after....

sick baby
sick baby
sick baby
playing with neighbors
sick baby
sick baby

Did I mention a sick baby?

This is what you get....

3 very tired babies

Hoping for a good night's rest for everyone!

Monday, January 02, 2012


A quiet day at home...the last one before life starts back.

I have enjoyed the last two weeks - no schedule, nowhere to be, the busyness of life is on hold. 

But I'm ready to get back to "normal" now.  There is a little too much togetherness going on.

Tonight I asked Ella Kate what I was going to do at home tomorrow alone.  She reminded me that I would have T :) and then suggested I invite a friend over to talk about our kids and eat.  :)

We'll start back tomorrow with a bang - no easing into things for us. 

Today, though, we stayed home and watched football for most of the day.  Jake assumed this position for 95% of the day:

tossing his football the entire time

Ella Kate was content to play in her room but would only allow this much of her to be photographed

until I snuck in and snapped this as she squealed in protest!

Tanner wasn't feeling that hot today.  I'm not sure what is going on with him.  He hasn't slept nearly enough since the kids have been out of school.  I'm hoping once they go back, he'll go back to his normal routine and get some much needed rest.  I think he feels like he's missing out if he naps while they are home. :)  That combined with cutting teeth is wearing him out lately.  He laid around and was puny for most of the day. 

Then it was bathtime and he perked up a bit.  We actually saw a smile. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Day

**I'm going to be ambitious this year...this brand new year I've been given.  Given.  A wonderful gift of time to spend with the people I love.  I'm going to take at least one picture every single day.  365 of them.  Oh's a LEAP year!  Make that 366! :)  I can't wait to see if I can do it and at the end of the year, look back at what each of our days has held.

Batman shirts courtesy of Mimi & Pop for Christmas.  Bobby has a matching one.  LOVE them!!
I apologize for the awful, awful blurriness of this otherwise totally adorable picture.  :(

Our first outing of 2012 was lunch at Cracker Barrel with Mimi & Pop.  Black-eyed peas, on the house!  A long wait, checkers with Pop, hanging out in rocking chairs, and shopping with Mimi....  Lunch was chaos.  It always is. 

After lunch the boys came home for naps (Michael is fighting a cold and Tanner is still fighting sleep) and the girls went to TRU to spend Christmas $$$.  Ella Kate picked the cutest doll.  I had to share....

At first glance, a sweet little family...

But wait!  Momma is preggo!

What do we have here?!

Yes folks, we have a removable tummy holding a baby!!  I LOVE this!! 

I think when kids (at an older age) have experienced pregnancy and a newborn with their parents, it all just seems so natural to them.  My kids often comment on pregnant women, newborns, and all that they entail and they light up as it reminds them of 2010 - the year WE had a baby. :)