Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reidville Parade

This was our second year attending the Reidville parade.  It's small but fun. :)  Jake rode in the parade last year with the D5 sports teams.  Ella Kate rode in it this year with the first graders.  Her teacher, Ms Fultz, always organizes a float for them.  It was her first time riding and she loved it!

The Hortons joined us for the parade and we all had a great time!

Mrs. Sima is the grand marshall!

First grade float....EK is right in the middle, back with her hand waving high!

EK is right to the left of the boy with the Santa hat.

T and his buddy Grey

Lily Brooke chillin with a good view

Jake caught in the act

Very cool, very large John Deere!

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