Friday, December 09, 2011

A Reidville Christmas

Reidville held it's annual Christmas music night at the Fine Arts Center again this year.  It is always such a sweet and special night, with all of Reidville's students singing. 

The first graders had matching tshirts that their teachers ordered for them.  They were the prettiest blue with 3 snowmen on them.  They wanted them to be able to wear them as a grade all winter long.  So thoughtful!

The second graders wore Christmas colors  - the first time they didn't have matching shirts.

Jake had a speaking part and Ella Kate was one of the dancers during a first grade song.  I didn't get pics of either. :(

Forgive the pictures....blurry pics are better than no pics!!  My camera is the WORST with dark, distance pics!

The only picture I have that I can actually pick out both of my kids...Jake is front row almost center in a red sweater and jeans.  EK is far left, second row, with a white bow.

Kindergarten on left, First grade in middle, Second grade on right

The whole Reidville gang!

This sweetness every day please!!

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