Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Family Christmas

Santa had a late night and finally finished up at our house around 2 am.  Jake wandered in our room around 3 am and informed us that Santa had been.  :)  He went back to sleep and Tanner called quite loudly for us at 6 am.  He had his oatmeal for breakfast while he admired the additions to the living room.

Around 7 am we woke the kids up since we needed to hurry to get to church by 10.  Thank goodness for kids that like to SLEEP!! 

Gifts from mom & dad under the tree

Tanner's first Christmas gifts from Santa

Ella Kate & Jake's gifts from Santa

This is a happy face..promise!

EK got a new radio and cd player from mom & dad.  I'd call it a boom box but I don't think that's the word for it these days. :)

Jake got new boots from mom & dad.  He wanted them really bad!

Opening gifts from each other....
EK gave Jake a mini Rebels football (again) :) and gave Tanner one too. 
Jake gave EK some really cute Hannah Montana school folders and Tanner 4, yes 4, Yogi Bear pizza plates shaped like a slice of pizza.  I'll be the first to admit the baby selection was limited so this was a decent choice. :)

My gifts - notepads and tags?? from Jake and teddy bear from EK :)
I will add a pic of Michael's gifts from Jake & EK - I forgot to take one!

He was getting sleepy by this point but he really liked his swing and slide!

We finished up with the gifts and had a quick breakfast. 

I was so excited that Christmas fell on Sunday this year.  I love that!  Most people are just annoyed that it puts a cramp in their other family plans (it does require some adjustments), but I can think of no better place to be on Christmas morning than worshipping Him with our church family. 

We only had one service so it was very packed.  (We normally have 3.)  Pastor DJ had a special children's sermon (that we don't normally have) for the children to come forward and give the Lottie Moon offering they had earned by doing chores this month.  The kids were very excited to put theirs in an envelope and walk down to the front.  Lots of them came in their jammies so it was extra cute! 

You can't see our kids in these pics but what a precious sight.  So many little faces so excited about Christmas and giving their money. 

Two funny things.... 

Summer asked EK to walk with Addie to the front and help her back.  EK is usually the youngest so she took her new responsibility very seriously.  She brought Addie back safe and sound...and in a headlock. :)

When DJ told the kids it was time to put their money in the box, I think he might have used the word "throw".  I hardly think he meant "chunk your envelope across the stage, miss the huuuge box altogether, and squarely hit the kid on the other side right on the head".  Nice one Jake. :) 

The only family pic I have on Christmas so deal with the wardrobe issues. :)

After church we had no immediate plans so we stopped at Waffle House for lunch.  What fun!  I'm sure my grandma might die if she knew, but we enjoyed it.  I did feel awful for the ladies and men working and the first year I'm rich on Christmas, I'm going to stop and give them one heck of a gift that day!! 

We headed home and let the kids play for a while before we had anywhere to be.  It was a really nice day!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

A very merry Christmas for sure! LOVED seeing all the smiles that morning and I too LOVE that it was on Sunday! Blessings and love in 2012!!!