Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Christmas Giveaway

The kids performed their Christmas musical for the third time, but for the first time at our church Sunday night.  I think they were sooo over it but they put forth a great effort anyway!  Ms Joye added a little part for some of the kiddos so Ella Kate got to be a "shopper" at the very beginning this time.

Jake had a very small speaking part in one of the songs but his mic wasn't turned on so we missed out. :)

The kids all did great and granny, papa, mimi, pop, nana, david, kk and bobby all enjoyed watching them!!  We were so glad they came!!

EK is middle, top left and Jake is to the right of the Joy signs on the front :)

There is a picture floating around somewhere that doesn't have Mr Mike in it :)
Jake is midway up on the right with arms crossed....EK must be behind Mr Mike :)

At one point right in the middle of the musical, Jake came down from his spot and tapped Ms Joye (the DIRECTOR) on the arm.  She listened and then he returned to his seat.  He did it once more right when they were done.  I had no idea what he said but figured it went something like "Ms Joye, could we try that song again so I could do my solo over since the mic didn't work?!?"  :)  I wouldn't be at all surprised.  Turns out he needed to use the restroom.  He usually means business when he has to go so I'm very thankful we didn't end up with a puddle on stage!! :)  Ms Joye is so patient with my her!!

At the end of the musical, the kids got the news that our choir was asked to learn the new children's Christmas musical being released next year and be recorded as the demo dvd that is sent out across the entire US to music ministers!  Wow!  What an honor for them all!

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