Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with the Waddells

We had the Waddells' Christmas at TonTon's house this year and she fixed a delicious lunch of Mexican chicken, salad, and garlic bread.  Nana Jane brought her famous pies and Michael was lucky enough to bring home the leftover pie!

Jake was beyond thrilled to open up a "real" football helmet from Papa & Nana Jane and Ella Kate got a really cool Barbie that you can video with.  Nevermind that the camera is hidden right between her boobs, the batteries fit snugly in her thighs, and the button is right smack in the middle of her buttocks. :)  It is still very cool.  Tanner went home with lots of neat toys that he is slowly making his way through.  Michael received all he wanted - an Academy gift card - and I was thrilled to receive a Dustbuster, just what I asked for.  I am officially old. :)

He just about jumped out of his seat and was totally embarrassed. 
Me on the other hand, it makes my heart smile to see him this happy over a gift.
It never happens. :)

It ended up being too small (our fault) so we had to swap it for another one.  They didn't have white so he went with maroon for his Wolverines.  

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Hannah Banana said...

Are you related to Mr. Sammy? I LOOOOVVVEEEE him! I had no idea.