Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Neals

On Christmas night we headed to my mom & dad's for Christmas with them and Granny & Big Papa.  This was only the second year that we did not go to my Grandma's on Christmas Day.  With the family growing, the grandchildren having families of their own now, and everyone still living a few hours apart, it just got too hard to get everyone there on Christmas Day.  Plus, I think it's important to make sure our children have Christmas morning at their house and we have our own family traditions. 
I know it's hard for my mom not to be with her mom and brothers on Christmas Day but I have really enjoyed spending Christmas evening with them the past 2 years. 

On to Christmas night, we started with the kids reading a couple of Christmas books that Mimi picked out.  The one Jake was reading belonged to my cousin Cleve who is now 40 years old when he was a little boy.   No idea how it ended up at my mom's but it was neat to see his name in it.

Mimi & Pop used to read the stories, but since the kids have gotten bigger and learned to read, they let them do it.  They enjoy reading to us and we love hearing them read.

I guess we know where Ella Kate gets her good looks now :)

Tanner wanted in on the storytime too.  This little boy loves a book!  He will flip back and forth through the pages for as long as his 11 month attention span can stand it.

After the stories, it was on to GIFTS!  I promise that my older children received some...I just didn't get any pictures of it. :(  I found this year it was really hard to keep T under control aaaand take pictures.  Unfortunately the pictures suffered. 

Tanner will be riding in style in his new stroller!! Yippee!!! Jake and Ella Kate got some Wii games among other toys.  Jake, Tanner and Bobby got matching Batman shirts.  Ella Kate got something more I am positive.  I just can't remember what it was. :)

Tanner got the traditional first Christmas gift from KK.  A box of tissues.  He LOVED them. Not that we were surprised.  He is quite efficient at emptying a tissue box. 

Game Day attire update...check!

Bobby will surely kill me for this picture but we found these last December and knew he must have them this year.  They are Iron Man tighties. :)  It is a running joke with my family that I refuse to let my kids wear cartoon characters.  Just my personal preference. :)  I don't think Bobby wore anything that didn't have cartoon characters when he was little.  Seriously.  And he still wears it.  He says I have brainwashed my kids out of liking cartoon clothes.  Super!! :)

Dinner was roast, green beans, (gluten free!) mac & cheese, and sweet potatoes.  YUM!

Afterwards we had the traditional gift card game.  My mom always buys $10 gift cards to random places that we all like to go.  Then we draw numbers to pick a card and then choose a person to give it to.  If we think someone before us made a wrong choice, we get to rearrange who got which card.  It usually is pretty calm but this year my kids turned it into quite the gift card drama.  I ended up bringing home Target, Michael Cracker Barrel, Jake Academy, EK Walmart and T Bojangles.  Not sure who thought T fit with Bojangles but he does love their green beans!!

So glad Granny & Big Papa could come to wrap up their long week of Christmas partying! 

Next year, mom, pick the songs, Bobby & KK fire up those vocal cords, and Pop warm up the drums (or whatever they are called!).  We're going caroling!!

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