Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas with the Bakers

We traveled to Westminster exactly one week before Christmas to celebrate Christmas with my grandmother and the rest of my mom's side of the family.  Grandma has been staying with my uncle and aunt in Rock Hill this past year, since her health hasn't been the greatest.  This was the first time we had all been at her house since last Christmas (I am pretty sure) so it was very special for her to be home and have us there.  I know she really misses "her house". 

We don't get to see this side of our family often because we live so far apart, so it is a nice treat when we do.  We catch up on things going on in everyone's lives and it never fails....someone announces that they are pregnant! :)  This year it was my cousin Matthew and his wife, Brandon.  They are expecting their 3rd in July!  Their oldest, Micah, is 2 and their second, Norah, is 1.  She is going to have her hands full for a while! :)

Last year I was 37 weeks pregnant at Christmas and another cousin, Thomas, and his wife, Jessica announced they were expecting in August.  The little ones just keep coming!

Dinner was a buffet of dishes brought by each family.  Pecan pie by Grandma was my personal favorite!

Grandma with her newest great-grand, Corley Honea Baker.  Honea is Grandma's maiden name :)

 EK and Peyton

My grandma has made each of these stockings by hand.  She lovingly stiched all the names into them and decorated each one.  Such a treasure for our family!


Heather plays Peyton's new Christmas game with her

Bobby plays Jake's new Battleship game with him while KK entertains EK. Loving it... 

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