Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas with Granny & Big Papa

All of our Christmas celebrations are quite special, each for their own reasons, but this one holds a special place in my heart.  I hesitate to even write that, because I don't want anyone to take that the wrong way.  I don't love anyone there any more than my other family members.  It is just a special time on Christmas Eve at Granny's house.  I might be so bold as to say that everyone there shares my feelings. 

I often wonder what exactly my granny & papa do that makes their home special.  I'm not sure even they could put it into words, but it might sum it up to say that nothing is more important to them than their family.  And they really mean that.  They don't look at our kids (who drive us all a little nuts at times) as a nuisance when they break limbs by climbing on their trees, put sticky handprints on all their glass doors, and completely wreck their front porch.  They say that memories made climbing trees are more important than the tree, handprints can be wiped away later, and the laughter coming from that porch makes up for the mess. 

It just makes my heart smile to hear granny remind us to show up at dark thirty on Christmas Eve.  :)

Everyone was a little late getting to Granny's this year because of Christmas Eve church services.  That's okay because we enjoyed a little quiet time with Granny & Big Papa, Joey & Jackie before things got loud. 

Granny fixed BBQ - my favorite! 

The annual great-grands picture.  This couch has sure filled up since our last picture!  The big kids are in age order L-R:  John, Jared, Jake, Edy, Jack, Ella Kate, and Abi.  John has Joshua and Jake has Tanner.  Cleve, Marcie and myself now have 3 each. Wow!

Why not put the grands on the couch?! 

Present time!  

T is pooped and decided a nap in the middle of the den would be nice!

The adults do a white elephant gift exchange.  The ladies always have some nice things while the men's gifts are questionable at best.  Some things have a way of showing up year, after year, after year....

Leslie's not giving this gift up....

Mrs Pitt bag strikes again!

T was only interested in this bag and the wrapping paper in the floor.  He could have cared less about what was in it.

Joey is the lucky winner of the nose hair trimmers and the gotcha block!

All it the name of fun!

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