Saturday, December 10, 2011

Carriage Rides & Christmas Lights Galore

Something our family has done every year - even before we were a family! - is go to Fountain Inn to ride the Carriage Rides.  If you've ever been to Charleston, SC, the same horses and carriages that you can ride there, are brought to Fountain Inn each Christmas and a local neighborhood goes all out decorating for the rides.  When Michael and I were dating, he took me there for the first time.  It's one of those things that just brings back memories each time we go. 

This year we were lucky to have all our friends join us!  They had never been and were all looking for new things to do during the Christmas season.  There were so many of us that we had to take 2 carriages.  Boys vs girls!  The girls had the same horse and driver that our family had last year - I remember because the horse's name is Kevin. :)  Different for a horse!  There were grinches hidden all throughout the neighborhood this year and the girls had a good time looking for them. 

The girls' carriage....the boys refused a picture in theirs :)

After the lights and dinner at a little Italian restaurant, no not the romantic kind!....we headed to a local home famous for their many, many lights!! Over 200,000!! It did not disappoint.  They had plenty of Christms music, a Christms movie playing on the garage door, and they were serving free popcorn!!  They even had talked Santa into being there for the kiddos!!

And though you might think this house would be situated on a little bit of land, away from other houses, easily accessible to traffic, with plenty of places to wasn't. :)  It was right smack in the middle of a very tight subdivision with cars lining every street for a loooong way!  I am sure it is a headache for their neighbors but I'm sure glad they have enough Christmas spirit to put up with it for one month of the year!

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