Sunday, December 11, 2011

Candy Parade (aka Woodruff Parade)

We love going to the Woodruff Christmas parade because they throw CANDY!! And lots of it!! :)

We usually have some friends join us and we have a great time!!  At our usual spot...

Getting into position...bags in hand!

Check out Addie's it!

Yes, Ms Stacy is making her child hand over his candy because it's her favorite kind!! :)

Woodruff was very excited to have their very first Mc Donalds to open this year!!  Free french fries for everyone!!

Daddy and his second baby boy :)
We're learning to love football be osmosis at a young age :)

Reidville even showed up at this parade!

1 comment:

Hannah Banana said...

It's so weird to read another blog who's from Woodruff. LOL.

I was in the parade... on the Element Church float.

We had live music...

I hate I missed seeing you.