Monday, December 05, 2011

Andy the Elf

Anyone who knows me knows that I am rarely the first to buy anything.  I usually wait until it is on sale :) or until I decide we can't live without it. 

I always thought the Elf on the Shelf toys were really cute, but expensive for a little plastic elf.  I held out for several years, but this year I had the nagging thought that Jake is getting older and my time of Christmas magic is growing short.  He is very much like me and skeptical of everything!

Elf on the Shelf is basically a little elf that visits during the Christmas season and sits watching each day so that he (or she) can report back to Santa whether the children were naughty or nice each evening while they sleep. He then gets into all sorts of mischief and surprises the children each morning with his antics!

When a friend posted that she thought her son (same age as mine) might be too old for the elf, but in fact, he LOVED it...I knew I had to go for it. 

Why, oh why, did I wait so long?!?  They were sooo excited!!

Andy (our elf) appeared Sunday night after choir.  We read the book, which is super at explaining who the elf is, where he is from, and what his job is.  The kids were so excited to sit him on the mantle and couldn't wait for the morning!

Like my friend, I then started to hear about allllll the others elves that had been visiting their friends lately.  I couldn't believe they had never asked me why we didn't have one!  Jake thought maybe ours chose this time to appear was because he had been a bit naughty lately! HA!  He even fessed up to a recent naughty act. :)

This morning, they were so excited to get up and see where he had moved overnight.  You should have heard the giggling when they saw what he had been up to....

(Yep, I copied this idea straight off of the internet.  I will be the first to admit I am completely lacking in the creativity department but with google's help, I can do anything!)

Andy had fun with lots of pictures in our house and the kids would squeal each time they found a new one.  Their delight was worth every penny!  I think I'm going to enjoy this Christmas tradition as much as my kids will!

I'm curious what everyone else's elves are up to.  You guys have a lot of experience so please do share!!


Stacy said...

Our Elf did the same thing to the kids pictures last night:)

Summer Martin said...

Our elf has replaced all of our stocking on the mantel with our underwear!! the boys loved it, Karosn not so much, she snatched hers right off of there!! He has also made a snow angel in the flour and had a nerf gun fight with the american girl doll! My kids love love looking for him every day!