Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Ornaments

This year I got the kids matching ornaments.  Most years I get them each a different one - something relevant to that year.  Every now and then I switch it up.  Jake and EK had gotten ornaments a few years back that said "Oldest Child, Mom's Favorite" and "Youngest Child, Mom's Favorite".  When I saw these elves....I knew we needed them!

We needed to reestablish birth order first!  :)  Then we needed to remember 2011 as the year we first met Andy. Thus, our 3 elves. 

Tanner's elf fell apart right off the bat - the head broke off. :(  Then, when I put it in a ziploc to exchange, the entire thing fell apart - every single piece!!  Crazyness!!  The red dots in the center of the holly blink when turned on but the wires in the back are not connected...just glued end-to-end.  When I took it back, the man at the store accused me of cutting the wires and taking the whole thing apart.  ???  Why in the world would I do that? 

Anyhow, he was not a nice man and I told him to forget it and hot-glued it back together myself.  It doesn't blink but how long did we really think that would work anyway? :)  Plus, he was out of them and I didn't want to spend any more of my time visiting his store to see if he received more. 

I still think he looks pretty nice for a refurbished elf!  :)

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