Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Lunch at RES

A friend and I were talking the other day at car line about how it takes a year or two to learn the ropes at "big school".  When you send your firstborn off to Kindergarten, unless you are currently a teacher yourself, you honestly have no CLUE what to expect!  Even if you did the preschool thing for 4 years, it is a different ballgame.
I remember feeling so out of the loop.  In preschool, at least, you get to walk them in and out every single day if you choose.  You have communication galore because they have no way of communicating anything coherent to you!  It's mainly about loving on your baby - learning is a pleasant side effect. :)  My kids' preschool teachers might shoot me for saying that!!  (They did, in fact, learn a TON!)

At big school, some of the communication falls on the child - even in K5.  When you have a "non-talker," that makes for a mess at times.  You're not sure which events you are "invited" to and which ones you're not.  You don't want to show up when you're not needed/wanted, and you certainly don't want to NOT show up when everyone else's parents DO! 

It's really a learning game.  I think it is that way for everyone.  And I think you kind of have to feel the teachers out to see when and how much they are open to parents being in the classroom.

We had the very best K5 teachers in many ways - and communication was one of those ways.  However, some things just have to be learned as you go through the year. 

After being at Reidville for 3 years, I feel pretty comfortable showing up for just about anything.  I've learned that at our school at least, they do welcome parents (and siblings for that matter!).  Just this morning I spied a sibling hanging with the principal in her office while mom was trying to watch big sister's class play.  And that was okay.

All that said, Thanksgiving Lunch IS a big deal.  It's one of those days that you better show up or you're gonna have a frown a mile wide when baby boy and girl get home. 

Eeeeeveryone comes to Thanksgiving.  And it is fun. :)

We had our third Reidville Thanksgiving with our kiddos this morning.  Before the lunch, Ella Kate's class had a small Thanksgiving play.  Ms Fultz works so hard with them preparing and they are so very proud of themselves!  Ella Kate was a scarecrow in the play and she did a SUPER job reading her lines!  We're so proud of the little reader she has blossomed into!

Reading her part into the microphone...

Same grade, same teacher, same Thanksgiving play (well different play but same event!), but it's JAKE last year! :)

Then it was time for lunch!  Ella Kate's class went first, followed shortly by Jake's. 

 I don't think Micheal enjoys school lunch as much as he used to. 
I think it might be because they omitted sugar and salt from the lunchroom budget. 

 Fat boy's overalls are already getting tight!
 Not too shabby...the turkey, dressing, and gravy were really good!
 What you get when you try to take your 8 year old son's picture at school :)

 When I asked EK why this picture was posted outside the cafeteria, she replied "I don't know! I got a rocket and free ice cream!" :)

 Look who I found hanging out beside Ms Fultz's door! 
He found a friend his size!
 Austin's mom commented that we have a picture of them together at every Thanksgiving lunch since Kindergarten.  She's right....sniff. :)

Jake & Austin in 1st grade

 Our sweet little street filled with parents and grandparents celebrating Thanksgiving at Reidville Elementary! 
Notice the Christmas decorations that have been up for 2 weeks now...yikes! LOVE it!! :)

I have to share these pics from past Thanksgiving Lunches at RVES....

Wow!! I remember this feeling... working on 8 months pregnant  :) 
Jake - 1st grade
 Ella Kate - Kindergarten

Jake - Kindergarten
(and the last year he enjoyed momma's picture taking!)

 Can I just say how thankful I am that Michael has been able to attend so many of their school events?

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