Sunday, November 06, 2011

Reidville ROCKET ROLL!

Believe it or not, the kids had their FIRST school dance last week!!  We are startin' 'em young!
It wasn't the kind of dance you "ask" someone was more of a fun afterschool activity for the kids.  Still funny though!

Jake came home immediately and asked to go.  He never shies away from an activity.  Ella Kate wanted to go as well, but is never as outspoken about things.  Turns out, Jake was more of the sit and watch type, while Ella Kate was in the middle of the dancing action most of the time.  Jake ventured out after a short time - I think he was hanging by the snack table at first. :) 

Since I'm on PTO, I was able to chaperone the dance and it was WELL worth it! LOUD is not the only word I'd use to describe it....very entertaining is appropriate as well!  :)

The kids received a ticket at the door that got them a popcorn and tea.  The majority of this ended up on the floor, including the tea.  Mrs Amy's husband was a good sport and spent most of the dance mopping!

I hate I didn't get more pictures but I forgot my camera (Michael to the rescue!) and when I finally had it, it was so full of pictures that it was veeeery sloooow.  At least I got a few good ones....

the Macarena

 Jake & Austin practicing their secret handshake

Ms Chumley & Coach Emerson lead the way!

the Twist

dancing with Mrs Wykel!

I think this might be breakdancing?!

the Conga Line!

Jake in the line....

Ella Kate in the line....

Dr Deering in the line!

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