Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 10 Months Tanner!

Time is flying right by and my sweet baby is 10 months. 

It's so hard to believe we are this close to a whole year with him.

This month he:

  • Weighs 18 lbs 5 ounces - after a long 3 months without weight gain, he is steadily making up for it.  He is around the 25th percentile for weight (not sure on height) but for his height/weight combined he is up to the 50th!
  • Still fits perfectly in 9 month clothing, although I can tell it won't be long before he needs 12 month. 
  • Has the appetite of a 3 year old!  He will eat anything you give him.  He still nurses about 4-5 times a day, has a oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and whatever we are eating for dinner.  Add in a healthy dose of crackers as snacks throughout the day.
  • Sleeps from about 8 pm until 6 am.  Poor thing just won't go any longer.  Sometimes he still cries during the night, but I don't nurse him then.  We let him fuss it out and he eventually goes back to sleep. 
  • Has perfected pulling up and maneuvering around the room by holding onto furniture.  He will stand alone occasionally, but only for a second or two until he realizes he is doing it. 
  • Is into EVERYTHING!  He crawls around all day looking for things to check out.  Daily, he unrolls the toilet tissue, he empties the diaper cabinet, he checks out the pots and pans, he clears off the coffee table, he examines each outlet, and he gets really, really excited if EK's door is left open.  She has LOTS of tiny goodies in there!  But his favorite goodie in her room is the nightlight.  He will pull the cover off and grip the bulb so tight.  He acts like it's not even hot!
  • Is such a happy baby these days.  We really enjoy him now.  He laughs and dances all the time.  He claps a lot and is now starting to wave.  He says "da da" a lot (although he hasn't realized who that is yet) and he will say "hi" or "hey dere" a good bit. 
  • Has a good bit of separation anxiety (still pretty attached to momma), but he is doing better.  He doesn't cry quite as much in the nursery these days.  He likes strangers, but only if someone he knows is around.
  • Has hair that is really starting to grow, and he is in need of a trim for his mohawk, his mullet, and above his ears!!
  • Still doesn't cry at the doctor, even when getting a shot.  He watches curiously.  He will cry if someone makes him mad by holding his head or arms down. 
  • When he doesn't like something you are doing, or when you offer him something he does not want, he will swat your hand.  It is hilarious!! (for now anyway)  He obviously has a mind of his own and doesn't like to be told no!
  • Had his first Halloween and was an adorable monkey.
He is such a blessing to us and I can't imagine our lives without him!!

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