Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bowling Blast!

Last week I took the kids bowling for the first time in FORever!  We haven't been in a while because our lungs needed THAT long to recover from our last trip. ;)  However, now that they've gone smoke-free....we can go whenever we'd like!!

I scored a Groupon (well, my friend scored it for me) :) a while back for 4 people, 2 games each (including shoes), plus family popcorn and a pitcher of soda, all for $10. Nice deal!

I wasn't sure how I was going to manage it with T in tow, but it worked out fine.  He was content to sit in his stroller for a while, and then he was content to explore the lanes a little. 

The kids had a good time I think!  We might just be back for $1 Mondays... :)

Had to take a picture of the lovely shoes!
I'm a little surprised that EK didn't put up a fight about having to wear them!

 I'm not sure crawling babies are allowed on the lanes...
Good thing we were the only ones on our end!
 Popcorn and soda for everyone!  And it was the shock of the day that we all 3 agreed on the drink of choice...Dr Pepper of course!!! :)
 This little diva cracked me up....
After every bowl, she did a victory dance, regardless of the outcome! :)

 Chillaxcin :)

 Jake didn't play around.  He was all business.

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Leigh said...

HOW FUN! We need to go again, too! Thanks for the reminder! Our thing now is skating..that's fun too at this age! We're always looking for fun things to do!