Saturday, November 12, 2011


What did we do on such an unusual day?  Some not so unusual things....unlike my friend Jo Ellen who had a BABY!! :)  How cool is THAT birthday?!

Ella Kate had her Student Council pinning ceremony this morning.   They actually receive a pin for their lanyards.  They started the neatest thing this year where every student received a lanyard - a very NICE one!  For every accomplishment, they receive a pin for it.  The idea is for it to follow them throughout their years at Reidville while they collect awards, and then take it with them when they complete 4th grade.  I think it's a great idea!

Mrs. Fultz's Class Reps - EK and Cole Morgan

Guest speaker - Bobby Bentley
Reach for the stars!
EK receiving her pin from Mrs. Evans
 1st grade Student Council

 All my girl cared about was the doughnuts!  But no sprinkles please!
 Was his daddy really feeding him a doughnut?!?  He sure doesn't look happy about it! :)

Jake and Michael went to the first game of playoffs for Woodruff.  They won against Newberry and move on to the second round next week!

KK came over and watched One Magic Christmas with me, EK, and T and then we were all out for the count!  We recently pulled out this toy that T's Nana Jane gave him at my shower.  I tried exchanging it for green but had no luck. :)  It still sings and spells R-e-e-c-e too. :)  It's too neat of a toy to waste! 

Anyhow, when you press its bedtime paw, it plays bedtime music for 2 minutes and then automatically shuts off.  How neat!  T obviously enjoyed it last night when we tried it!

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Jo Ellen said...

Just catching up with computer stuff! ;-) Thanks for the shout out! And, could EK look any more like a mini-you in that first picture???