Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Going for the Experience

We have had a fake Christmas tree for many years now.  I think our first few Christmases we had a real tree, but after Jake came along with his terrible allergies, we switched to a fake one. Coming from a house where we always had a real one, I was very reluctant, BUT we didn't want to do anything to further aggravate them.  When we made the plunge, we got a beautiful, pre-lit, blue-green frasier fir.  I was completely sold on fake trees. 

The last few of years, we have had war with our beautiful pre-lit tree.  The lights kept going out randomly throughout the tree, and for 2 years, we have had to string on more lights, on top of the ones already on the tree, because none of them worked anymore.  It was a gigantic pain in the rear.

So, at the end of the season last year, we tossed ours with the intention of buying a new one this year.

When the time came, we thought it might be fun to have the whole "Christmas tree farm in the mountains" experience this year, and wait until next year to buy a new one.

Our friends, the Laneys, always have a real one, but had never done the tree farm thing either. 

2011 is now the year of the real tree, straight from the farm :)

At the bottom of the hill, there was actually so much frost on the ground that it looked like it had snowed!  But...when you got to the top, it was hot!  Not exactly Christmasey weather.

"That yonder's a 8 footer!! "
This worker had such a thick "mountain" accent that Michael was the only one who could understand him!! HA! 

 Gotta watch these two....

 This picture strangely reminds me of....

this picture!! HA! :)

 Everybody watching closely...

And because we are corny like that....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Red Ribbon Twin Day

I just got this cute as pie pic of EK and her twin, Georgia, for Twin Day during Red Ribbon Week. 

I didn't get one of Jake and his twin, Austin. :(  They wore their Clemson jerseys...it's their thing I think!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Real Haircut

Pretending he didn't get a slight trim at around 8 weeks, T had his first real haircut this week.
He did great!  We sat him in the chair alone to see how it would go and Summer put a little cape on him.
He really didn't move at all!  There was another little guy right beside him getting his first trim, and he stared at him the entire time.  Summer was able to trim it all up and even use the clippers! 

He looks much better now :)  I failed to get an "after" pic, but just check him out in all the new pics!

Check out that baby mullet...

Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Not About the Table

Or where the table sits. 
My family celebrated Thanksgiving in an unconventional way this year.  Because of a few circumstances beyond anyone's control, we gathered in Greenville at my uncle's work conference room. 

It actually turned out really well - the set up was perfect - and we had a really good time.

It was nice seeing everyone since we do not see each other often.  There are several new little ones and watching them meet for the first time is a lot of fun.  Seeing the older kids remember each other and play together reminds me of when I was young and playing with their daddies. :)

What would Thanksgiving be without a good game of Hangman on the white board? 
And I want to remember that bluetooth in Jim's ear til I'm old and gray.  It will still make me smile. 

Because you still get your picture posted, even if you made a ridiculous face :)

New cousins - Norah and Tanner

Games with Aunt Pam

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thankful Heart

My thankfulness does not start and end on Thanksgiving Day.  I am grateful each day for so many blessings that I do not deserve....
  • A husband that knows my faults and loves me despite them
  • A son that has an enormous love for life
  • A daughter that has the sweetest spirit I've ever known
  • A baby that has a fat tummy and a happy smile
  • Parents who give beyond expectation
  • A sister who will always make me laugh
  • A brother who makes me proud every day
  • Grandparents whose very lives are enormous blessings
  • Friends who surround me with unconditional love

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Old Toys

This week I happened to remember that I had stashed away a couple of Jake and Ella Kate's old toys in the attic, so that one day their kids can come over and play with mommy and daddy's old toys! Not thinking I would have another of my own one day!
I love when my mom finds something that used to be mine and then my kids can play with it.  It seems that older toys are always more fun anyway!

I didn't save too much but this farm was definitely a keeper!  Playskool never goes out of style! :)

As soon as I got it out, Tanner was fascinated!  He looked so cute sitting up playing with big boys toys!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bowling Blast!

Last week I took the kids bowling for the first time in FORever!  We haven't been in a while because our lungs needed THAT long to recover from our last trip. ;)  However, now that they've gone smoke-free....we can go whenever we'd like!!

I scored a Groupon (well, my friend scored it for me) :) a while back for 4 people, 2 games each (including shoes), plus family popcorn and a pitcher of soda, all for $10. Nice deal!

I wasn't sure how I was going to manage it with T in tow, but it worked out fine.  He was content to sit in his stroller for a while, and then he was content to explore the lanes a little. 

The kids had a good time I think!  We might just be back for $1 Mondays... :)

Had to take a picture of the lovely shoes!
I'm a little surprised that EK didn't put up a fight about having to wear them!

 I'm not sure crawling babies are allowed on the lanes...
Good thing we were the only ones on our end!
 Popcorn and soda for everyone!  And it was the shock of the day that we all 3 agreed on the drink of choice...Dr Pepper of course!!! :)
 This little diva cracked me up....
After every bowl, she did a victory dance, regardless of the outcome! :)

 Chillaxcin :)

 Jake didn't play around.  He was all business.