Saturday, October 08, 2011

Making Momma Proud

Most celebrations these days are over little things.  And most of those little things are done by T.  The older kids are okay with fact, they are possibly more excited about them than we are.  It adds a whole separate dimension to having a newborn when you can watch your older children experience it for the first time.  It is priceless.
That "big" kids both had their moments on Friday.  I could not have been more tickled for either of them. 

Ella Kate was honored at her school as a Terrific Kid.  Terrific Kids are chosen each nine weeks, one per classroom, for basically being an outstanding student in all areas.  It is a real honor to be chosen. 

We received a letter a couple of weeks ago that she was chosen but were asked not to tell her.  That morning, I was waiting in the library when the kids were called down.  Her teacher chose to send her on an "errand" to the library instead of telling her where she was really going.  When she arrived and found out, her face LIT up!  She immediately caught my eye and gave me an "I can't believe you KNEW this and SHOWED up here and didn't TELL me!!" look.  Loved it. :)

The principal did their little ceremony and my girl grinned the entire time.  We are so very proud of her!
This would be "the look"!
All the Terrific Kids!

Give yourself a hug!

About a month ago, Jake entered a competition in our school district where he went one night and threw a pass, punted, and ran.  They chose the top 2 scorers from each division (his is 1st/2nd grade) to compete at halftime at the high school game on Little League night. 

We found out a couple of weeks later that Jake won!  He would compete against his friend Brooks at the game.  Jake was super, super excited and his mom and dad might have been too. :)

Friday night was his night and he was nervous but couldn't wait!  It tickles me how passionate he is about what he does.  He was insistent that he not wear pants....he said he doesn't kick well in them. :)  We compromised and he wore some workout pants over his football shorts until almost halftime, and then he took them off.  I laughed to myself when I looked down at the field and he was warming up!

He was able to stand on the sidelines until halftime, and he loved every minute. 

At halftime, he outpunted and outthrew his competition to win the trophy!  His buddy outran him but Jake has never been a fast runner. :)  We knew he needed to throw and punt better to win. 

His face was glowing as he walked back to the stands to show off his prize!
Ella Kate & Georgia waiting for the game to start
Jake & Brooks enjoying the pre-game warmups

This was too funny and I'm so glad I got a picture!  When the players were done warming up, they would file by and let the little leaguers give them five.  Wellll, for each player that went by, Jake jumped up and slapped them on the helmet.  Most of them took it well. :)  Check out the look his coach is giving him in this pic!! :)  That's just Jake for ya!

 This is Brooks' dad, a Byrnes coach and district Athletic Director.  Jake was excited to shake his hand!

 The Little Leaguers ran out behind the team.  Jake is the blur right in the center of the picture. :)

Halftime warm ups begin!  Momma is beyond nervous!

 Let's get started!

 Waiting on that trophy!

 So proud!
 His teacher came down to congratulate him!

Michael and I could not be prouder of our kiddos.  Their accomplishments today were due to their own hard work and nothing makes us happier!  

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