Friday, October 14, 2011

Football Banquet

We have LOVED Jake's football experience this year! LOVED it. 
I knew from the first phone call I received from his coach that it would be a good season.  His message said, "This is So-and-So and I have CHOSEN Jake for my team."  Just the words he chose made a difference in my eyes.  He wanted each of his players!

This comes off of a not-so-great baseball season where the coach admitted to "clashing" with Jake as he presented him with his trophy at the end of season party.  What a note to go out on. 

His coaches were super nice and did a great job.  Jake enjoyed his teammates and there was a great group of parents.  His coach even commented that this team had the most family there to support them of any he had coached.

Jake had a great season.  The highlight was winning Byrnes' Punt Pass Run, of course, but he also scored several touchdowns.  He threw a few touchdown passes as well.  My favorite was a catch during the last game when he had to dive for the ball and landed face down with the ball in hand! 

He was able to play his favorite position for the majority of the season - running back.  He tried quarterback out, which was fun, but his true love is catching and running the ball. :)  The last game and a handful of times he played defense but he's not much on that.  He needs a little more action!

All in all, super season and it was a ton of fun!
Wow...crazy eyes!

 Trophy time!

 Coach Glenn
 Jake & Brooks
 One last huddle :)
Coach James

This is why I love this team :) 

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