Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fall Festival @ AMRBC

Fall Festival 2011 was tons of fun as usual.  This was Tanner's first time and he seemed to enjoy the parts he didn't sleep through. :)  It did occur to me while we were there that we missed it last year because this exact week, we were enjoying DISNEY WORLD!!!  Might have been a little better but not much.  :) 

 Bojangles was a HIT!  Free fries, sweet tea, and free biscuits if you could win at cornhole!  Unless you're a kid :(  Jake hit it twice but got a toy instead. :)

 This might have been the most entertaining booth for the men.  If you can't tell, there is a flat screen tv in the bed of the truck and they are all watching the South Carolina game.  :)

 The upside of having a stroller to push.

 YAY T!!!  Brycen taught T to clap last night during the football game.  So cute!  He will also throw his hands up after clapping if you say "TOUCHDOWN"!  :)

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