Friday, October 14, 2011

Clemson/FSU 2011

What would college football season be without the Clemson/FSU game?!  I think this might have been our 6th season going. Wow! 

This is 2008 - our kids' first time going to the game in Florida.  Michael and I went 2 years before that to Florida.  Jake wore his Clemson jersey but took his FSU one in case they were winning. :)  He would switch throughout the game according to who was ahead.  TOO funny!! 

 EK during the game :)  Some things don't change!

This year Jake stuck with his Tigers and, good for him, they did win.  Michael wasn't too happy but his Seminoles won last year so he can't complain too much!  I cannot believe we ended up taking Tanner....8 months is waaay to young to be at a hot football game! 

We ended up with 2 free tickets and figured I could always leave with T if needed.  I didn't leave but we did spend most of the first half in the air conditioned first aid room ("eating") or just hanging out with Mimi under the deck.  The second half T was able to sit up top since the sun had gone down for the most part. 

So, in his 8 months of life and 9 months in utero, he has been to 2 Clemson/FSU games thus far.  He is one seasoned fan! I do have to say that going preggo was much easier than with an infant!

 First time having Dippin Dots!

 They got a lot of confused looks!

 Notice Michael's happy face :)

 Notice Tanner's happy face :)

 And, finally, notice Jake's happy face :)  This is what happens when mom requests a picture! Even when the whole family has walked a country mile so he can see this ROCK!
Great game but final score, Clemson 35 FSU 30.

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