Sunday, September 11, 2011


I always was afraid that our third child would bring a food allergy.  We had it way too easy with our first two and no food allergies.  I'm hoping that Friday's experience does not prove me right.

As I've mentioned, we don't feed Tanner much by way of table food.  He gets his baby food and occasionally lately, we have let him try some things.  I have been giving him biter biscuits lately and have seemed to take a picture every time he was eating one.  He LOVED them!  Those pictures came in handy Friday.

As we were in Hobby Lobby shopping, he was gobbling them up, and I noticed that his entire head was covered in hives.  I snapped a few pictures and sent them to my mom but I already had my suspicions.

I had to make a doctor's appointment for EK anyway, so I went ahead and asked for one for Tanner as well.  When they asked why, I told them I suspected a food allergy.  They wanted to see him that afternoon.

As I explained to the doctor what happened, I showed her the pics from each time he ate them - including the first time.  She pointed out that each time, he had hives around his eyes.  I assumed they were red from crying. :)  Very observant mom.

This last time, however, it had grown significantly.  Unfortunately, the biscuits' main ingredient is wheat.  Yay.  We will be allergy tested in a couple of weeks to be sure of the cause.  On the bright side, he may outgrow it.  On the down side....well, that one is obvious.

The hives haven't started in this one...I snapped this as soon as I handed it to him.

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Erin said...

I feel your pain, Rhonda! My third kiddo brought the dreaded peanut allergy! Hang in there!