Friday, September 30, 2011

Weight Gain

For a few months now, I have suspected that T hasn't been gaining weight as he should.  His "feel" and look didn't seem to be changing over time.  His legs even seemed to be skinny, and I have never had a baby with skinny legs!

We recently switched doctors to a pediatrician who I really like and, she too, was concerned with his lack of weight gain.  He actually weighs less today, the last day of September, than he did mid July.  Hmmm....

After monitoring his weight for about a month, we went in this week for bloodwork, urine samples, and she suggested a visit to the pediatric gastro.  He is taking Prevacid for reflux/vomiting that I guess could be contributing to his weight problems.

To further complicate things, he is a breast baby all. the. way.  Oh my.  I would love, love, love to supplement with formula, as I suspect at 8 months, I am no longer able to provide him with the nutrition he needs, either volume-wise or calorically.  He is adamantly opposed to a bottle.

I am about to undo all the money I have saved in 8 months of breastfeeding by having to purchase one of every variety of bottle, every nipple, every formula, etc that they make.  We are about to try Gerber Good Start (liquid) just because I found a can on clearance today at Walmart.  I picked up a Soy as well as a Gentle.  Just occured to me that if it was on clearance, I'd better check the expiration!! :)

I think at this point, his main aversion is to the bottle itself.  I'm not sure that he is so opposed to the formula as the vehicle the formula is in!  I may try some juice in a bottle to try to win him over to the bottle.  Then I could make a switch to formula at some point.

Most people make the switch to bottle by mixing breastmilk with formula and gradually increasing formula and decreasing breastmilk.  Not really an option since I'm already not cutting it milk-wise and once it's pumped out, he's going to go without a meal.  :(

All that said, I'm not sure there is an "answer," just a lot of trial and error and some coercion.  All this eating drama does make for a lot of momma stress for sure.  It is hard to know your baby is hungry but won't eat.  It also scares me for the stubbornness we are in for as he gets older!!! Ha!

He seems to be progressing fine otherwise.  He is pulling up and itching to take some steps.  Although he doesn't crawl (neither did Jake), he has his ways of getting where he wants to go.  It's almost a hunched over walking move.  I don't think he realizes that crawling would be much easier.  Or maybe he does and that's just another stubborn T move. :)


The Rogers Family said...

Rhonda, Noah has had weight gain issues since around 6-8 months old. We dealt with reflux and then some gagging issues. We saw gastro and endo docs. We tried everything from medication to high calorie and high fat foods. He's still barely on the charts. His gagging continued until recently when he had his tonsils removed. We'll be thinking of T and you. I'm happy to tell you about our journey.

The Rogers Family said...

Just sent you an email.