Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It Feels Like Fall

When you start your day with a cool, crisp breeze, wearing blue jeans, and planning fall just feels like fall!!

The weather has been amazing this week!  Such a nice break from the really warm temps we have been used to.   Reminds me that I'd better buy the kids some warmer clothes before the morning comes that I'm desperately searching for aaaaanything that fits because it is COLD outside!!  They both outgrew almost every piece of clothing from last winter and have naked closets to prove it!

PTO meeting bright and early today.  7:45 early :)  Tanner attended and was on his best behavior thank goodness!!  We mainly planned fall festival but there is so much going on right now.

Grocery shopping day....late this week because of vacation.

Lazy afternoon at home.  Jake was able to play outside practically all afternoon with the neighbor and was in his element.  I'll be so sad to see daylight savings time go.  It makes for such long, dark, cold evenings.

Michael was called back into work tonight.  That very rarely happens.  Not fun when it does...

Praying for a better night.  T only made it until 1:00 last night before he was back up.  I've gotten to where I'm hearing him cry and then falling back asleep without knowing he calmed down.  It makes me feel terrible but it is exhausting hearing him cry alllll night long!!  I keep telling myself that he cannot go without sleep forever.  Surely by the time he's a teenager he'll enjoy sleep!! :)

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