Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grits for Grands Take Two

Friday morning RES had their second special Grandparent Breakfast.  On Friday, my parents, Mimi & Pop, and my grandparents, Granny & Big Papa (not cause he's big, he's actually very skinny :) but because his son is also "Papa" and the kids just have a lot of papas...makes it easier!), came to eat with the kids.  Big Papa is the one who shares a birthday with Tanner and myself. :)

I love that they are so excited to be a part of the kids lives.  The kids will always remember moments like these.

Friday night Michael and Jake went to Homecoming at Woodruff with some friends, while Ella Kate hung out with Mimi, and Tanner and I met friends in Greenville to celebrate a special friend's BIG 3-0!  Happy Birthday Summer!! :)   We had a delicious dinner at Smoke on the Water and enjoyed a trolley ride afterwards.

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