Thursday, September 08, 2011

Grits for Grands Take One

Grits for Grands at Reidville Elementary today!  Michael's dad and step mom joined the kids for breakfast this morning.  We love that they enjoy coming for this event - I love their faces in this picture!  Ella Kate was very excited to tell us that a friend in her class's grandpa came to eat with her and "he's friends with MY papa!!"  :)  Her friend's grandpa is my FIL's pastor.  I think I see a papa/granddaughter double date in the future! :)  

I met some PTO girls at school to work on the bulletin board.  Afterwards we hung out at home until bus time.  After school we spent some time studying for tests.  Jake has all his tests on Friday (3 of them) and EK has a spelling test.  Jake has been doing so well with homework lately.  Last year he gave us a good bit of grief not wanting to do it.  This year he is willing and able and I'm so proud of him for it.

Tanner doesn't eat much - we've been real careful about what we feed him - but we let him try Biter Biscuits this week.  Funny stuff.  :)  He loves them and they keep him entertained for at least 20 minutes a stick!!

Sleep Update:  T showed out last night.  He cried very briefly one time last night and then stayed asleep until 5 am!!  Woohoo!!!!  It is hard to resist continually checking on him when he does that to make sure he is okay. When they continually sleep for long periods, it's much easier to trust that it is what they are supposed to be doing and they are perfectly fine.  When they only do it once every few's ODD! :)  Here's to hoping for 2 in a row!! :)  7 am Grits for Grands is coming early!

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