Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Football and Tumbling

This was "recover from long weekend vacation" day for the Waddells.  The kiddos did okay getting to school and Tanner and I were up and out to run some errands and to meet Michael for lunch.

This school year our hobbies of choice are football (leading to basketball and then baseball) and tumbling!

Ella Kate and I decided she should take a year off from dance to try out tumbling.  She has been interested in trying it for months now, but taking multiple classes just isn't for our family yet.  We're gonna stick to one thing at a time for at least another year.  I'm not sure the sacrifice for living in your car, stressing out over where you have to be next, and the financial burden are worth it at this young age.  We'll have plenty of time for all that mess very soon!

Today was the first day of tumbling as well as the first football game of the season!

Ella Kate loved her second tumbling class (she did try one a few weeks back).  She is already learning new things and almost won the pyramid building game today with her partner! For the amount of time she spends practicing in our living room, she should be Olympic ready in the cartwheel/handstand competition next year!

Check out my little Rebel!  So happy he got the pretty blue shirt this year!! :)  Cause that is the most important thing....right?!

 This would be my sweet boy finally getting to quarterback!  He itched all season last year to get his hands on that ball! :)  His coach switched the kids up a lot this game and he was rotated around to about every position.  His favorite though is "running the ball!!!" :)  Behind him is his head coach.  I loved him from the first practice.  He, along with his assistant coach, truly love the sport and work with every kid on the team.  He told the team at the first practice that they would be praying as a team this season, and if they didn't know how, he'd teach them!!  On a funny side note, Michael played in high school against his asst coach.  He remembered his face as soon as he saw him because he said Coach Varner posted the opposing team's pics when they were preparing for the game!

This boy adores football.  Adores it.  He has since he was able to hold a ball.  I only hope as he gets older that he is able to play as much as he'd like.

He played very well today at his game, but came away feeling frustrated with himself.  He wants perfection at his favorite game.  It's hard to watch him come down on himself so hard.  I know it will make him a better player though.

I have to be up bright and early in the morning for a PTO meeting so my bed is calling my name!!  Praying that T holds off until 4.  That is success in our book!

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