Friday, September 30, 2011

Weight Gain

For a few months now, I have suspected that T hasn't been gaining weight as he should.  His "feel" and look didn't seem to be changing over time.  His legs even seemed to be skinny, and I have never had a baby with skinny legs!

We recently switched doctors to a pediatrician who I really like and, she too, was concerned with his lack of weight gain.  He actually weighs less today, the last day of September, than he did mid July.  Hmmm....

After monitoring his weight for about a month, we went in this week for bloodwork, urine samples, and she suggested a visit to the pediatric gastro.  He is taking Prevacid for reflux/vomiting that I guess could be contributing to his weight problems.

To further complicate things, he is a breast baby all. the. way.  Oh my.  I would love, love, love to supplement with formula, as I suspect at 8 months, I am no longer able to provide him with the nutrition he needs, either volume-wise or calorically.  He is adamantly opposed to a bottle.

I am about to undo all the money I have saved in 8 months of breastfeeding by having to purchase one of every variety of bottle, every nipple, every formula, etc that they make.  We are about to try Gerber Good Start (liquid) just because I found a can on clearance today at Walmart.  I picked up a Soy as well as a Gentle.  Just occured to me that if it was on clearance, I'd better check the expiration!! :)

I think at this point, his main aversion is to the bottle itself.  I'm not sure that he is so opposed to the formula as the vehicle the formula is in!  I may try some juice in a bottle to try to win him over to the bottle.  Then I could make a switch to formula at some point.

Most people make the switch to bottle by mixing breastmilk with formula and gradually increasing formula and decreasing breastmilk.  Not really an option since I'm already not cutting it milk-wise and once it's pumped out, he's going to go without a meal.  :(

All that said, I'm not sure there is an "answer," just a lot of trial and error and some coercion.  All this eating drama does make for a lot of momma stress for sure.  It is hard to know your baby is hungry but won't eat.  It also scares me for the stubbornness we are in for as he gets older!!! Ha!

He seems to be progressing fine otherwise.  He is pulling up and itching to take some steps.  Although he doesn't crawl (neither did Jake), he has his ways of getting where he wants to go.  It's almost a hunched over walking move.  I don't think he realizes that crawling would be much easier.  Or maybe he does and that's just another stubborn T move. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saturday Help

I had some serious cleaning help this Saturday!  This boy is a cleaning machine...when he wants to be. :)

Michael had to work today.  Not fun.  He has to work every Saturday until the end of the year I believe. 

The kiddos and I got up and started the daunting task of cleaning the house.  Jake is a cleaner.  He did get that from his momma and I’m so thankful at least one out of three did.  Guess we’ll have to see about T. Jake was done with his jobs very quickly.  He even helped me out with some things that I needed done. 

Ella Kate, not so much.  She is what I call a “shover”.  When you tell her to clean up, she simply “shoves” everything into the closest available hole.  She can never find anything.  Her room is a disaster 9 times out of 10.  I’m at a loss for what to do to help her. 

The kids cleaned, dusted, and vacuumed their rooms and then Jake headed outside to play.  There was a yard full of kids most of the day.  Unfortunately for EK, they were all boys. She really gets the short end of the neighbor kid stick. 

I made a Walmart trip.  Yes, again.  But it was alone and it was glorious. :)

There was a lot of football going – on tv and in the yard. 

I took Tanner for a visit to my parents’ house and then came back to catch the end of the amazing South Carolina/Georgia game.  Wow!!  Looks like it’s gonna be a good season for the Gamecocks!!

The weather lately has been amazing!  Fall is a glorious season, but a very short season here it seems.  You can’t blink or it’s gone from blazing hot to freezing cold!!  I bought my first fall air freshener today and it totally put me in the fall mood!!  I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I always was afraid that our third child would bring a food allergy.  We had it way too easy with our first two and no food allergies.  I'm hoping that Friday's experience does not prove me right.

As I've mentioned, we don't feed Tanner much by way of table food.  He gets his baby food and occasionally lately, we have let him try some things.  I have been giving him biter biscuits lately and have seemed to take a picture every time he was eating one.  He LOVED them!  Those pictures came in handy Friday.

As we were in Hobby Lobby shopping, he was gobbling them up, and I noticed that his entire head was covered in hives.  I snapped a few pictures and sent them to my mom but I already had my suspicions.

I had to make a doctor's appointment for EK anyway, so I went ahead and asked for one for Tanner as well.  When they asked why, I told them I suspected a food allergy.  They wanted to see him that afternoon.

As I explained to the doctor what happened, I showed her the pics from each time he ate them - including the first time.  She pointed out that each time, he had hives around his eyes.  I assumed they were red from crying. :)  Very observant mom.

This last time, however, it had grown significantly.  Unfortunately, the biscuits' main ingredient is wheat.  Yay.  We will be allergy tested in a couple of weeks to be sure of the cause.  On the bright side, he may outgrow it.  On the down side....well, that one is obvious.

The hives haven't started in this one...I snapped this as soon as I handed it to him.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grits for Grands Take Two

Friday morning RES had their second special Grandparent Breakfast.  On Friday, my parents, Mimi & Pop, and my grandparents, Granny & Big Papa (not cause he's big, he's actually very skinny :) but because his son is also "Papa" and the kids just have a lot of papas...makes it easier!), came to eat with the kids.  Big Papa is the one who shares a birthday with Tanner and myself. :)

I love that they are so excited to be a part of the kids lives.  The kids will always remember moments like these.

Friday night Michael and Jake went to Homecoming at Woodruff with some friends, while Ella Kate hung out with Mimi, and Tanner and I met friends in Greenville to celebrate a special friend's BIG 3-0!  Happy Birthday Summer!! :)   We had a delicious dinner at Smoke on the Water and enjoyed a trolley ride afterwards.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Grits for Grands Take One

Grits for Grands at Reidville Elementary today!  Michael's dad and step mom joined the kids for breakfast this morning.  We love that they enjoy coming for this event - I love their faces in this picture!  Ella Kate was very excited to tell us that a friend in her class's grandpa came to eat with her and "he's friends with MY papa!!"  :)  Her friend's grandpa is my FIL's pastor.  I think I see a papa/granddaughter double date in the future! :)  

I met some PTO girls at school to work on the bulletin board.  Afterwards we hung out at home until bus time.  After school we spent some time studying for tests.  Jake has all his tests on Friday (3 of them) and EK has a spelling test.  Jake has been doing so well with homework lately.  Last year he gave us a good bit of grief not wanting to do it.  This year he is willing and able and I'm so proud of him for it.

Tanner doesn't eat much - we've been real careful about what we feed him - but we let him try Biter Biscuits this week.  Funny stuff.  :)  He loves them and they keep him entertained for at least 20 minutes a stick!!

Sleep Update:  T showed out last night.  He cried very briefly one time last night and then stayed asleep until 5 am!!  Woohoo!!!!  It is hard to resist continually checking on him when he does that to make sure he is okay. When they continually sleep for long periods, it's much easier to trust that it is what they are supposed to be doing and they are perfectly fine.  When they only do it once every few's ODD! :)  Here's to hoping for 2 in a row!! :)  7 am Grits for Grands is coming early!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It Feels Like Fall

When you start your day with a cool, crisp breeze, wearing blue jeans, and planning fall just feels like fall!!

The weather has been amazing this week!  Such a nice break from the really warm temps we have been used to.   Reminds me that I'd better buy the kids some warmer clothes before the morning comes that I'm desperately searching for aaaaanything that fits because it is COLD outside!!  They both outgrew almost every piece of clothing from last winter and have naked closets to prove it!

PTO meeting bright and early today.  7:45 early :)  Tanner attended and was on his best behavior thank goodness!!  We mainly planned fall festival but there is so much going on right now.

Grocery shopping day....late this week because of vacation.

Lazy afternoon at home.  Jake was able to play outside practically all afternoon with the neighbor and was in his element.  I'll be so sad to see daylight savings time go.  It makes for such long, dark, cold evenings.

Michael was called back into work tonight.  That very rarely happens.  Not fun when it does...

Praying for a better night.  T only made it until 1:00 last night before he was back up.  I've gotten to where I'm hearing him cry and then falling back asleep without knowing he calmed down.  It makes me feel terrible but it is exhausting hearing him cry alllll night long!!  I keep telling myself that he cannot go without sleep forever.  Surely by the time he's a teenager he'll enjoy sleep!! :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Football and Tumbling

This was "recover from long weekend vacation" day for the Waddells.  The kiddos did okay getting to school and Tanner and I were up and out to run some errands and to meet Michael for lunch.

This school year our hobbies of choice are football (leading to basketball and then baseball) and tumbling!

Ella Kate and I decided she should take a year off from dance to try out tumbling.  She has been interested in trying it for months now, but taking multiple classes just isn't for our family yet.  We're gonna stick to one thing at a time for at least another year.  I'm not sure the sacrifice for living in your car, stressing out over where you have to be next, and the financial burden are worth it at this young age.  We'll have plenty of time for all that mess very soon!

Today was the first day of tumbling as well as the first football game of the season!

Ella Kate loved her second tumbling class (she did try one a few weeks back).  She is already learning new things and almost won the pyramid building game today with her partner! For the amount of time she spends practicing in our living room, she should be Olympic ready in the cartwheel/handstand competition next year!

Check out my little Rebel!  So happy he got the pretty blue shirt this year!! :)  Cause that is the most important thing....right?!

 This would be my sweet boy finally getting to quarterback!  He itched all season last year to get his hands on that ball! :)  His coach switched the kids up a lot this game and he was rotated around to about every position.  His favorite though is "running the ball!!!" :)  Behind him is his head coach.  I loved him from the first practice.  He, along with his assistant coach, truly love the sport and work with every kid on the team.  He told the team at the first practice that they would be praying as a team this season, and if they didn't know how, he'd teach them!!  On a funny side note, Michael played in high school against his asst coach.  He remembered his face as soon as he saw him because he said Coach Varner posted the opposing team's pics when they were preparing for the game!

This boy adores football.  Adores it.  He has since he was able to hold a ball.  I only hope as he gets older that he is able to play as much as he'd like.

He played very well today at his game, but came away feeling frustrated with himself.  He wants perfection at his favorite game.  It's hard to watch him come down on himself so hard.  I know it will make him a better player though.

I have to be up bright and early in the morning for a PTO meeting so my bed is calling my name!!  Praying that T holds off until 4.  That is success in our book!