Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Week in the Life: Wednesday

Today I was lazy.  I was exhausted from partying late last night.  I did not make it to walk.  I guess we all need one day off a week.  It worked out fine because mom wasn't feeling it either.

I fed T around 4:30 and went back to bed.  Well, he went to bed with us.  I very, very rarely put him in our bed.  Every now and then, for whatever reason, I just really want to have him right with me.  Michael doesn't mind when it's that rarely.  Baby Jake, he was a different story.  We couldn't get him OUT of our bed!  We didn't make that mistake again!! :) 

He woke up again around 7:30 to eat and we both dozed for a while after that.  Jake came into my room and he laid down again and we all dozed. :)  Around 8:30, T had had enough and was ready to play.  By then, EK wandered in the room and curled up at our feet. 

Jake was eager to try out his new toy, so we ate and packed up and left for Nana's to swim.  Nana wasn't home, so our trip was short-lived.  It's just too hot for T out there and the poor boy can't sleep worth a lick in the heat.  If I take him for a dip in the pool and then lay him in front a high-powered fan, sometimes he'll sleep.  Otherwise, he is so fidgety!!  The kids were grumpy and arguing constantly so after feeding T, we left for some lunch and a break.  I thought we might try it again this afternoon, but that didn't work out.

Once we were home, T went straight down for a nap and stayed that way for 3 HOURS!! Yes, you read that right!  The boy who never sleeps performed a miracle today! :)  I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I checked on him no less than 10 times during said nap.  Michael was even nervous when I said that he had been out for 3 hours!  He has honestly never slept so long. 

It was a wonderful break for me.  I had so much consignment stuff to work on and I actually got it done.  A nap like that every day would be heavenly!! But like my friend said, if I'd dare laid down on the couch to rest, he would have snapped up like a turtle!! :)  She didn't say the turtle part...I added that lovely illustration. :)

While T slept, the kids and I cut a watermelon Michael had picked up for Jake.  He had been begging for one for days.  EK even tried some and liked it! We took some to the neighbors because it was waaay more than Jake would eat.  I'm not much of a watermelon person.  I'll eat it, but when there is another choice, I'm gonna go with the other choice.  Jake really wanted to sell watermelon like you would sell lemonade, and though I thought it would be good to sell, it's not like there is traffic on our road.  I hated to rain on his parade but this just isn't the neighborhood for that.

T was starving when he got up so I finished up my work and fed him.  I took a shower (not sure why I did not do that during my 3 hour break except that he naps in our room so EK can play in their room, and I wasn't chancing waking him up!). 

The kids had choir tonight, Michael had a VBS meeting, and I was keeping the nursery during said meeting.  Michael and I had good ole' sloppy joes before the meeting (made by Michael) and I packed EK a bag to take with her.  I wasn't sure what they were having and didn't want to take any chances. 
T enjoyed a dinner of peas and carrots (still not big on carrots) before we left.  He ate a jar and a half!
At church, I developed a pounding headache (that I am positive had nothing to do with the 17 2-4 year olds in one small room) so before the kids got out and after I fed T, Michael, T and I escaped to Sam's for a few minutes.  I feel like I've been to Sam's quite a bit lately.  Hmmm.....

I have to say that I really enjoy getting out and about with just Michael and T.  It's so nice to spend some one on one time with him.  And it's so EASY too!  One kid.....piece of cake!

Back to reality, and we picked the kiddos up from choir.  Jake made a precious choice tonight....he has ice cream gift cards he received on his birthday yesterday.  He wanted so badly to use them, but decided to wait and use them tomorrow to celebrate T's Half Birthday.  Mercy, he loves that child. 

Can't wait for tomorrow to celebrate T's special day.  I'm not feeling sad about it .... YET.... but excited for my little man to be changing and doing so much!  He is already sitting up.  Wow.....

Back on the subject :) we came home, and I folded laundry in our room while Michael gave the older kids baths.  We watched a re-run of the 2010 Chick Fil A Bowl in our room afterwards with the kids and it brought back sweet but strange memories of hanging out with friends while Michael went to that bowl game last year.  I was 38 weeks pregnant and just praying I wouldn't go into labor while he was 3 hours away in Atlanta.  We spent the night making a precious birth hat for "Reece" with a special bow on it.  We were all ready to welcome baby girl.  Read that last line of that blog entry.....little did I know... :)  It is surreal now to imagine. 

Laundry folded, kids bathed, T fed for the last time, we put all the kiddos to bed and for over 3 hours I have worked on consignment stuff.  Seriously past bedtime.....

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