Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Week in the Life: Tuesday

It's here! The day my baby turns 8! 8! How CAN that be?!

Every year it seems they just can't possibly get any older.  And every year they do. 

8 just seems so ..... old.  It goes so quickly. 

Okay, enough with the sap, on to my day.

I woke up around 3:30 and knew I'd regret it that night.  I watched some tv and fed T around 4:30.  I dozed a little, had some cereal and met my mom around 6 to walk. 

When I got home, I first fed T, and then I hurried to wrap Jake's gift before they got up.  No worries....they were sleeping in. :)  EK got up first and right off remembered it was Jake's birthday.  She tried to wake him up and tell him, but he wasn't having it.  He is like his momma.  Nothing trumps sleep.

The kids finally got up around 9:30.  EK had some yogurt and Jake some sausage that daddy cooked before he left for work.  Daddy to the rescue!! I fed T again and then it was almost lunchtime.

We waited til Daddy got home for Jake to open his gift.  He was DY-ing!  It was a remote control jet-ski that he had been asking for for months.  He was excited (This in itself is huge for Jake!  He is very hard to buy for!). 

Birthday boy got to choose where we would eat (we did lunch instead of dinner since his party was at 6 and we didn't want to be rushed).  He picked Zaxby's much to his daddy's delight.  We went for an early lunch around 11:30 and Jake picked a Big Zax Snack for his meal.  I usually don't let him get that - he gets a kids meal - because more often than not, he doesn't eat it all.  Since it was his special day, Big Zax Snack it was! Neither of them were too hungry since they got up so late and had breakfast late.  They both took their leftovers home and had them for a late afternoon snack.

After lunch, daddy went back to work while we ran some party errands.  We returned some library books, went to Walmart for some last minute things and to get T some more baby food, and we went by Sam's to pick up Jake's cake.  He chose a Clemson cake but because Sam's can't do a paw, it was a purple/orange cake.  It worked for him.

We made it home in time to feed T again and it wasn't long before the party.  I gathered all our things while T napped.  I fed T one more time, and we headed to Southern Sisters for ice cream, cake and gifts, and then to the ball fields for a game of kickball.  (I'll post more on the party later.)

After the party, Mimi, Bobby, & KK came over for a bit and Bobby helped Jake put together some birthday toys.  We went outside and shot some fireworks with the neighbors in celebration of J's day.  :)  After Mimi, Bob, & KK left, we piled up on our bed and played for a bit before T had had enough and headed for bed.  The older kiddos stayed up a bit longer and finally made it to bed around 10:30. 

Momma and Daddy crashed VERY soon after!

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