Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Week in the Life: Monday

This morning I was privileged to sleep until my alarm went off at 5:15.  I believe at some point in the night I turned T's monitor off so I didn't hear his fussing.  He was obviously fine because I had to wake him up to eat when my alarm went off.   I fed T, ate some cereal, and was off to meet mom at 5:45.

When I got back around 7, the kids were still asleep so I laid down for a few minutes. 

Soon everyone was up and wide open.  Ella Kate had her usual yogurt breakfast while Jake asked for sausage.  I whipped him some right up and then he informed me that I did not know how to cook sausage.  Well, duh.  I think it smells horrid and have not touched it since pregnancy #1 (AKA vomit fest).  He lost his breakfast appetite after that.

The rest of the day is as uneventful as it gets.  It was an all day spent at home, feed T every 3 hours, T fusses, T naps, kids argue, kids watch tv kind of day. You get the picture.

They did pull out the play doh and play for a loooong time.  They created for a couple of hours at least.  We had gotten a new bucket of colors and a burger/fry maker for Christmas and they really put it to use. 

As the day wore on, it got increasingly hotter in our house.  We have been told that our a/c unit is just not big enough for the house combined with these awful high temps.  It was in the 90s today and I swear it was at least 85 in our house.  For us, that is HOT. 

I heated up the house a little more with the oven (cooking for this week is O-VER) and made us some chicken alfredo pasta.  I like that kind of stuff....my family, not-so-much.  They deal with it every now and then for my sake. 

After dinner, I decided to give T a bath.  He loves bathtime.  Neither of the other 2 loved it like him.  I always heard people say that bathtime was their kids favorite time of the day.  Not ours.  Ours cried most of the time.  T has never cried in the tub.

From the day he came home, water quieted him down right away.  It's our go-to if he is fussy-out-of-control.   He sat in the shallow tub with cool water and splashed away. 

Michael worked in the garage all evening on Jake's four-wheeler.  Jake went in and out, staying out as long as he could before he was just too hot.  EK stayed in and watched tv all afternoon/evening.  She's just not into sweating. :)

It was finally bedtime for T and we were relieved from his fussiness - he has his days and this was one of them.  He went down around 8:30.  I had tons of consignment sale business to work on (coming up soon!!) so I worked on that while the kids and Michael hung out in the den. 

See - told ya - we won the uneventful day award for this one.  It's nice to have those sometimes though. :)

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