Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Success

When Tanner was 4 months old, I attempted to feed him some rice cereal.  I'm not big on feeding them early but most doctors agree 4 months is okay for cereal only.  Plus, he is on the larger side so I figured he might enjoy it. 

Was I ever wrong.

He screamed like I was feeding him nails and he obviously hadn't lost the tongue thrusting reflex.  I decided to shelf the cereal and wait until 5 months.  At 5 months I tried it again, and although better, he still wasn't very good at it.  I gave it a couple more tries and decided I would wait until 6 months when I absolutely had to get him to start eating. 

He will be 6 months old this week so last week when he was really into a spoon one day, I tried sweet potatoes.  He did significantly better than with the cereal but still not an eating champ. :)

Yesterday, he had sweet peas for the first time.  He LOVED them!  He ate every bite willingly and was reaching for more!  It is sooo much more fun to feed a willing child than when you have to shove each bite in when they open their mouths to scream!!

Yay for eating well and yay for his mama's baby that loves his sweet peas!

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