Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Full Heart

As I'm sure you've already noticed (all 5 of you) that my blog has itself a new name.  I have been contemplating a change for a while...just wasn't feeling the old name anymore.  I didn't want to switch until something really stood out to me. 

When browsing Facebook one day, I saw the status of a new mom.  I immediately loved it.  It was the day she had her third child and she simply said "My heart is full."  She could not have said it better.  Though life is far from perfect (whose is anyway?!), God has blessed us immensely.  I am amazed every day at the good things in my life, and thankful that God is there to walk us through the bad. 

My heart is full.

So 2 requests from you:
     1.  I think you'll have to go in and change my blog name (or delete and re-add my blog) on your blog rolls.  I don't think the name will automatically update. 
     2.  If you have ANY idea how to eliminate the white space on the left of my blog, PUH-lease tell me!  My header has been off-center for ever now and I have had no success in centering it up.  It is driving me insane. 


Jo Ellen said...

I was trying to think if I was the one who made that comment on FB right after Allie was born. I'm pretty sure, though, that my comment was "what the heck have we gotten ourselves in to, and what is up with this kid's HAIR???"

Rhonda said...

I sure did look to you to see what my life would be like after T was born but nope, you weren't the poster. :) I was a little let down that he was so lacking in the hair department after seeing what COULD be. :)