Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enough Already!

 T is actually drinking from this cup!  Yay!! Momma sees some relief in sight!

A Week in the Life: Thursday

Today walking didn't happen.  I was up until 1:00 working, and then up periodically during the nigh with Jake coughing.  He was having bad coughing spells, almost to the point of vomiting, and it kept waking both of us up.  I honestly don't remember what time I fed T.  I believe it was right around 4.  I went back to bed and when my alarm went off at 5:15, I was dead. 

I slept until T woke up again at 7 to eat and he actually went back to sleep after that.  Me, T, and EK got up around 8:30 and Jake didn't roll out of bed about 10.  We had breakfast and got ready for T's pictures at 11:00.  My friend and favorite photographer came over and took some great pics of all 3 of them and then T alone.  We even got one of T and Luke. :) 

After pics we all had some lunch.  T had a jar of squash and he nursed, I had a manwich, Jake had a corndog and watermelon, and EK had goldfish.  Yea, I know.  T napped for a little bit and then we headed to his 6 month check up.  He was fortunate enough to get 3 shots today.  When he gets shots, the nurse says the oddest thing.  She always tells me I need to get between her and him so that he can't see her and associate her with pain.  She says he will forgive me but not her.  Do what???  That is completely backwards to me.  Who cares if he doesn't forgive her?  She actually scolded me for not blocking her from his view today and said I would have to when he got older.  I'm wondering who is paying who here....

After shots, we went to Brusters and had ice cream on Jake :) to celebrate T's big day.  What sweet boys I have. :)  I got yogurt - I wasn't really in the mood for ice cream and figured I'd try it.  It tasted pretty much the same to me - maybe even better because it wasn't as sweet! 

 No ice cream for ME?

Then we headed to do the dreaded deed.  We took Jake to Toys R Us to spend his birthday money. Wow.  I think I'd rather hang by my toenails than do that.  And I very stupidly took EK with us, knowing she had no money and couldn't buy anything.  Jake went with us to spend her birthday money and actually did well.  She wasn't so forgiving. 

After an hour of mind-changing, he decided to buy a new Nintendo DS.  He lost his a few months back and I told him I would not be buying another one but he was welcome to spend his money on one. We wanted to buy it at Game Stop so we left and picked up Michael's truck at the doctor's office.  We were all very tired and hungry and none of us do well on an empty stomach.  We took the truck by the house and then stopped at Stevie B's for pizza before we went to Game Stop.  I was quickly reminded why eating out has lost it's appeal. 

We got the DS, exchanged the jet ski he got for a new one (the other one broke rather quickly) and headed for the hills. By the time we got home, T was wailing and every time you touched his little legs he screamed.  We gave him some ibuprofen, he ate a jar of yummy peas, he got a bath, and I fed him.  He finally calmed down and went to sleep. 

At this moment, Michael is rocking EK in the rocking chair and eating up the attention. :)  Jake is playing with his long lost love....his DS.  And I am feeling quite happy that this post is completed before midnight.

A Week in the Life: Wednesday

Today I was lazy.  I was exhausted from partying late last night.  I did not make it to walk.  I guess we all need one day off a week.  It worked out fine because mom wasn't feeling it either.

I fed T around 4:30 and went back to bed.  Well, he went to bed with us.  I very, very rarely put him in our bed.  Every now and then, for whatever reason, I just really want to have him right with me.  Michael doesn't mind when it's that rarely.  Baby Jake, he was a different story.  We couldn't get him OUT of our bed!  We didn't make that mistake again!! :) 

He woke up again around 7:30 to eat and we both dozed for a while after that.  Jake came into my room and he laid down again and we all dozed. :)  Around 8:30, T had had enough and was ready to play.  By then, EK wandered in the room and curled up at our feet. 

Jake was eager to try out his new toy, so we ate and packed up and left for Nana's to swim.  Nana wasn't home, so our trip was short-lived.  It's just too hot for T out there and the poor boy can't sleep worth a lick in the heat.  If I take him for a dip in the pool and then lay him in front a high-powered fan, sometimes he'll sleep.  Otherwise, he is so fidgety!!  The kids were grumpy and arguing constantly so after feeding T, we left for some lunch and a break.  I thought we might try it again this afternoon, but that didn't work out.

Once we were home, T went straight down for a nap and stayed that way for 3 HOURS!! Yes, you read that right!  The boy who never sleeps performed a miracle today! :)  I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I checked on him no less than 10 times during said nap.  Michael was even nervous when I said that he had been out for 3 hours!  He has honestly never slept so long. 

It was a wonderful break for me.  I had so much consignment stuff to work on and I actually got it done.  A nap like that every day would be heavenly!! But like my friend said, if I'd dare laid down on the couch to rest, he would have snapped up like a turtle!! :)  She didn't say the turtle part...I added that lovely illustration. :)

While T slept, the kids and I cut a watermelon Michael had picked up for Jake.  He had been begging for one for days.  EK even tried some and liked it! We took some to the neighbors because it was waaay more than Jake would eat.  I'm not much of a watermelon person.  I'll eat it, but when there is another choice, I'm gonna go with the other choice.  Jake really wanted to sell watermelon like you would sell lemonade, and though I thought it would be good to sell, it's not like there is traffic on our road.  I hated to rain on his parade but this just isn't the neighborhood for that.

T was starving when he got up so I finished up my work and fed him.  I took a shower (not sure why I did not do that during my 3 hour break except that he naps in our room so EK can play in their room, and I wasn't chancing waking him up!). 

The kids had choir tonight, Michael had a VBS meeting, and I was keeping the nursery during said meeting.  Michael and I had good ole' sloppy joes before the meeting (made by Michael) and I packed EK a bag to take with her.  I wasn't sure what they were having and didn't want to take any chances. 
T enjoyed a dinner of peas and carrots (still not big on carrots) before we left.  He ate a jar and a half!
At church, I developed a pounding headache (that I am positive had nothing to do with the 17 2-4 year olds in one small room) so before the kids got out and after I fed T, Michael, T and I escaped to Sam's for a few minutes.  I feel like I've been to Sam's quite a bit lately.  Hmmm.....

I have to say that I really enjoy getting out and about with just Michael and T.  It's so nice to spend some one on one time with him.  And it's so EASY too!  One kid.....piece of cake!

Back to reality, and we picked the kiddos up from choir.  Jake made a precious choice tonight....he has ice cream gift cards he received on his birthday yesterday.  He wanted so badly to use them, but decided to wait and use them tomorrow to celebrate T's Half Birthday.  Mercy, he loves that child. 

Can't wait for tomorrow to celebrate T's special day.  I'm not feeling sad about it .... YET.... but excited for my little man to be changing and doing so much!  He is already sitting up.  Wow.....

Back on the subject :) we came home, and I folded laundry in our room while Michael gave the older kids baths.  We watched a re-run of the 2010 Chick Fil A Bowl in our room afterwards with the kids and it brought back sweet but strange memories of hanging out with friends while Michael went to that bowl game last year.  I was 38 weeks pregnant and just praying I wouldn't go into labor while he was 3 hours away in Atlanta.  We spent the night making a precious birth hat for "Reece" with a special bow on it.  We were all ready to welcome baby girl.  Read that last line of that blog entry.....little did I know... :)  It is surreal now to imagine. 

Laundry folded, kids bathed, T fed for the last time, we put all the kiddos to bed and for over 3 hours I have worked on consignment stuff.  Seriously past bedtime.....

A Week in the Life: Tuesday

It's here! The day my baby turns 8! 8! How CAN that be?!

Every year it seems they just can't possibly get any older.  And every year they do. 

8 just seems so ..... old.  It goes so quickly. 

Okay, enough with the sap, on to my day.

I woke up around 3:30 and knew I'd regret it that night.  I watched some tv and fed T around 4:30.  I dozed a little, had some cereal and met my mom around 6 to walk. 

When I got home, I first fed T, and then I hurried to wrap Jake's gift before they got up.  No worries....they were sleeping in. :)  EK got up first and right off remembered it was Jake's birthday.  She tried to wake him up and tell him, but he wasn't having it.  He is like his momma.  Nothing trumps sleep.

The kids finally got up around 9:30.  EK had some yogurt and Jake some sausage that daddy cooked before he left for work.  Daddy to the rescue!! I fed T again and then it was almost lunchtime.

We waited til Daddy got home for Jake to open his gift.  He was DY-ing!  It was a remote control jet-ski that he had been asking for for months.  He was excited (This in itself is huge for Jake!  He is very hard to buy for!). 

Birthday boy got to choose where we would eat (we did lunch instead of dinner since his party was at 6 and we didn't want to be rushed).  He picked Zaxby's much to his daddy's delight.  We went for an early lunch around 11:30 and Jake picked a Big Zax Snack for his meal.  I usually don't let him get that - he gets a kids meal - because more often than not, he doesn't eat it all.  Since it was his special day, Big Zax Snack it was! Neither of them were too hungry since they got up so late and had breakfast late.  They both took their leftovers home and had them for a late afternoon snack.

After lunch, daddy went back to work while we ran some party errands.  We returned some library books, went to Walmart for some last minute things and to get T some more baby food, and we went by Sam's to pick up Jake's cake.  He chose a Clemson cake but because Sam's can't do a paw, it was a purple/orange cake.  It worked for him.

We made it home in time to feed T again and it wasn't long before the party.  I gathered all our things while T napped.  I fed T one more time, and we headed to Southern Sisters for ice cream, cake and gifts, and then to the ball fields for a game of kickball.  (I'll post more on the party later.)

After the party, Mimi, Bobby, & KK came over for a bit and Bobby helped Jake put together some birthday toys.  We went outside and shot some fireworks with the neighbors in celebration of J's day.  :)  After Mimi, Bob, & KK left, we piled up on our bed and played for a bit before T had had enough and headed for bed.  The older kiddos stayed up a bit longer and finally made it to bed around 10:30. 

Momma and Daddy crashed VERY soon after!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Week in the Life: Monday

This morning I was privileged to sleep until my alarm went off at 5:15.  I believe at some point in the night I turned T's monitor off so I didn't hear his fussing.  He was obviously fine because I had to wake him up to eat when my alarm went off.   I fed T, ate some cereal, and was off to meet mom at 5:45.

When I got back around 7, the kids were still asleep so I laid down for a few minutes. 

Soon everyone was up and wide open.  Ella Kate had her usual yogurt breakfast while Jake asked for sausage.  I whipped him some right up and then he informed me that I did not know how to cook sausage.  Well, duh.  I think it smells horrid and have not touched it since pregnancy #1 (AKA vomit fest).  He lost his breakfast appetite after that.

The rest of the day is as uneventful as it gets.  It was an all day spent at home, feed T every 3 hours, T fusses, T naps, kids argue, kids watch tv kind of day. You get the picture.

They did pull out the play doh and play for a loooong time.  They created for a couple of hours at least.  We had gotten a new bucket of colors and a burger/fry maker for Christmas and they really put it to use. 

As the day wore on, it got increasingly hotter in our house.  We have been told that our a/c unit is just not big enough for the house combined with these awful high temps.  It was in the 90s today and I swear it was at least 85 in our house.  For us, that is HOT. 

I heated up the house a little more with the oven (cooking for this week is O-VER) and made us some chicken alfredo pasta.  I like that kind of family, not-so-much.  They deal with it every now and then for my sake. 

After dinner, I decided to give T a bath.  He loves bathtime.  Neither of the other 2 loved it like him.  I always heard people say that bathtime was their kids favorite time of the day.  Not ours.  Ours cried most of the time.  T has never cried in the tub.

From the day he came home, water quieted him down right away.  It's our go-to if he is fussy-out-of-control.   He sat in the shallow tub with cool water and splashed away. 

Michael worked in the garage all evening on Jake's four-wheeler.  Jake went in and out, staying out as long as he could before he was just too hot.  EK stayed in and watched tv all afternoon/evening.  She's just not into sweating. :)

It was finally bedtime for T and we were relieved from his fussiness - he has his days and this was one of them.  He went down around 8:30.  I had tons of consignment sale business to work on (coming up soon!!) so I worked on that while the kids and Michael hung out in the den. 

See - told ya - we won the uneventful day award for this one.  It's nice to have those sometimes though. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Week in the Life: Sunday

A blogger I enjoy at Kelly's Korner had a neat idea to document how she spent a week in her life.  She knew that it would probably not be too exciting for readers, but she wanted to remember how her days were spent in this season of her life. 

Memories fade far too quickly and I know these days won't last long. 

I thought it might serve another purpose too, that being to get me back in the habit of blogging daily or close to it! goes!  Feel free to tune out now....this "picture-less" post will probably put you to sleep.


This morning I woke up far too early, at 4 am, and couldn't go back to sleep.  I watched a few DVR'ed tv shows, ate some cereal, and fed Tanner at 4:20 when he woke up.  He usually wakes up between 4 and 5 ready to eat.  He always goes right back to bed and sleeps until around 7 or 8. He eats every 3 hours pretty regularly once he gets up.  I eventually got back in bed and took about a 15 minute nap before getting up and meeting my mom to walk at 6. 

After walking I came back to shower and get ready for church.  Tanner had a little rice cereal for breakfast - not much though because he hates it so much!  We got the kiddos up and immediately they both began complaining of sore throats.  Jake had been complaining for a few days but his allergies are so bad, I assumed it was from that.  EK's made me suspicious.  Stop.  180.  Change out of church clothes.  Pile in the car and head to the Minute Clinic. 

We get there are 9:20 and it doesn't open until 10.  Remembering I had heard the wait can get lengthy, we ran a short errand and came back at 9:40 to wait and be first in line.  Excellent choice judging by the 6 people already in line after us when we left at 10:20! 

The nice doctor determined it was not strep but viral which was good by me!  She only charged me for one kiddo instead of two which was great by me! :)

Back home, I fed Tanner and we left to eat lunch at Nana's house.  She had lots of veggies from the garden so she cooked some for lunch today.  Uncle Dave & Frankie were there but Aunt TonTon nor any of the other kiddos made it.  Uncle Gary stopped by for a few minutes.  Jake swam for all of 3 seconds - EK started feeling pretty puny while we were there and didn't want to swim.  He was bored silly without her to play.  I fed Tanner again and we visited a little while before we left.

When we got home, Tanner laid down for a nap.  Yours truly even got a nap today!!  That doesn't happen much lately but it is so wonderful when it does!!  Michael took care of Tanner (he never sleeps that long in the afternoon) and got me up when it was time for him to eat again at 4:30.  EK slept much of the afternoon which is unusual, so I knew she was feeling rough.  I made my 4th attempt at finishing The Social Network (the Facebook movie) and still didn't make it all the way to the end.  One day I'll find out how that lawsuit ended....

We all had lunch leftovers for dinner - oh so good - except EK who had a peanut butter sandwich.  Nana brought over some ice cream sandwiches for EK and some popsicles for Jake since they were both feeling bad.

A quiet day comes to an end as I finish up this post while Michael alternates between spaceships and wild animals on tv. Both enthrall me...I think my bed might be calling my name.

July 4th Weekend

On Sunday before the 4th (the 4th was Monday), Michael's mom invited us over to swim, cook out, and watch the fireworks at the church beside her house.  We have done this for several years now and they always have a good fireworks show and we have a great seat!  We started the day, however, with church and the annual pancake breakfast!

The kids watching the downpour before we left for Nana's.  Rain, rain, go away!
Quick 4th Pic after church

 I LOVE this picture of T :)

 I love these pics too since Uncle Gary never has his picture made with the babies :)

 How cute is that baby in a basket?!

A Full Heart

As I'm sure you've already noticed (all 5 of you) that my blog has itself a new name.  I have been contemplating a change for a while...just wasn't feeling the old name anymore.  I didn't want to switch until something really stood out to me. 

When browsing Facebook one day, I saw the status of a new mom.  I immediately loved it.  It was the day she had her third child and she simply said "My heart is full."  She could not have said it better.  Though life is far from perfect (whose is anyway?!), God has blessed us immensely.  I am amazed every day at the good things in my life, and thankful that God is there to walk us through the bad. 

My heart is full.

So 2 requests from you:
     1.  I think you'll have to go in and change my blog name (or delete and re-add my blog) on your blog rolls.  I don't think the name will automatically update. 
     2.  If you have ANY idea how to eliminate the white space on the left of my blog, PUH-lease tell me!  My header has been off-center for ever now and I have had no success in centering it up.  It is driving me insane. 

Sweet Success

When Tanner was 4 months old, I attempted to feed him some rice cereal.  I'm not big on feeding them early but most doctors agree 4 months is okay for cereal only.  Plus, he is on the larger side so I figured he might enjoy it. 

Was I ever wrong.

He screamed like I was feeding him nails and he obviously hadn't lost the tongue thrusting reflex.  I decided to shelf the cereal and wait until 5 months.  At 5 months I tried it again, and although better, he still wasn't very good at it.  I gave it a couple more tries and decided I would wait until 6 months when I absolutely had to get him to start eating. 

He will be 6 months old this week so last week when he was really into a spoon one day, I tried sweet potatoes.  He did significantly better than with the cereal but still not an eating champ. :)

Yesterday, he had sweet peas for the first time.  He LOVED them!  He ate every bite willingly and was reaching for more!  It is sooo much more fun to feed a willing child than when you have to shove each bite in when they open their mouths to scream!!

Yay for eating well and yay for his mama's baby that loves his sweet peas!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

We are officially dorks.  And I have no problem with that. 

Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A and in honor of the occasion, our family dressed as cows and paid them a visit.  We had the small incentive of a free meal for doing so, if you must know. 

A $20 lunch and a $20 dinner for free?  At one of our favorite restaurants?  Why, yes, thank you!

See, told you we were dorks.  Who goes for 2 meals anyway?  Trust me...we weren't the only ones!! :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July

Our holiday was spent at the Harrison's pool.  We spent the afternoon and evening swimming and eating some yummy BBQ (thanks Mr Brad!). 
 T tries his first vegetable - sweet potatoes!  He didn't really like it :)
We tried with the spoon first, but he didn't seem to like it.  We thought the finger might go over better and get him used to it.  Maybe not....

 Smores around the fire

 Brycen and his very burnt marshmallow....cause he LIKES it that way!

 T was sitting up so well yesterday!
Where there is a snakeskin, there must be a snake!!

 Water balloon time!