Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubbie

Cinco de Mayo to some....Happy Birthday to others :)

In our house it's Happy Birthday all the way!!!

I asked Michael if he would like a baby for his birthday.  He said no. 

Humph. Be that way then.

So thankful for every year we spend together.  God has blessed our lives in so many ways. 

I will always be thankful for this man and what he means to me, our children, our family, and our friends.

***Disclaimer:  My husband is going to KILL me for this picture.  I am willing to take that chance. ***

Every year I ask him where he would like to eat.  Every year he says he does not care.  I ask if we should celebrate with the rest of the US at our local Mexican restaurant and he agrees.  Every year he ends up wearing a sombrero and swearing he will not go back. :) 

 Wouldn't be complete without the song :)

Funny Story for the Day:  Ella Kate discovered today that boys do not wipe when using the bathroom and is equally disgusted and confused.  A neighbor boy used our restroom today and EK reported that he did not flush AND he did not wipe.  I told her it was fine, that sometimes they too forget to flush, but that boys did not wipe.  She gave me the strangest look and all she could say was, "But...but... But what if.... But"  She left it at that when I told her to ask her dad why they did not.  :)


Brad said...

That pic is the BEST! Another baby? Girl you are crazy:)

Brad said...

Ps - Not sure why this is showing me as BRad, but it is Tracy. I promise:)

Kelly said...

That's my smart girl! Boys are confusing and very disgusting!