Saturday, May 21, 2011

Full Friday

Wow, today was a busy day!  And we survived!  That seems to be my mantra these days....just survive. :)

Being the last full day of school this year, the kids both had end of the year celebrations of some sort today.  EK had Beach Day and Jake had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party.

T and I were out and about early and made it to the school by 8:30 for the very chilly start to Beach Day.  I was assigned the bubble and chalk station which suited me fine.  The kids don't get into bubbles and chalk as much when the other stations are some sort of water play.  I was just thankful I wasn't in charge of the shaving cream station!! Yikes!! :)

They had all sorts of centers for the kids other than bubbles and chalk.  They had shaving cream painting, water guns, painting, sprinklers, and a huge water slide.

T was on his best behavior and sat nicely the whole morning.  It is so nice, though, to be around so many ladies that like to squash their desire for "one more" by holding my "one more".  whew...  Makes my day!!

Layla & EK - tiny tickled twins :)
 Asher...oh my....

 Mrs. Reeves gettin' some lovin'
 Painting the building kept them busy for hours!  And WoW did it smell good!

The first grade celebrated with a Fancy Nancy Tea Party.  The things teachers come up with...just why I'm not one! :)  It was so nice!  They held it in the lunchroom and each classroom decorated their tables and set up their food table.  Mrs. Fultz did a great job with the food and her punch was so good!!  Rhylan's mom brought the cutest cupcakes with huge "diamonds" on top!  I brought the finger sandwiches. :)

The kids lined up at the door to the lunchroom and the teachers announced their names as they strutted down the red carpet.  They had just had their parent conferences so there were lots of parents there to watch.

They had finger foods and punch and learned about manners in the process.  Such fun! 

Jake's teacher shared with me that one of the little girls in her class was wearing the same dress that her own girls all wore to their Fancy Nancy Tea Party many, many years earlier - she has grandchildren now!!  :) She is just a sweet lady like that!!

 Jake with Ms Fultz
 Struttin down the runway

Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring Picnic

The kids had their Spring Picnic today. 

Before the picnic, Ella Kate's teachers always have their "Student Led Conferences" which means Michael and I go in and she takes us through her writing journal for the year.  It is amazing to see the progress through her first year of school.  At the beginning of school, an example of her "story" would be a picture of a stick person and "aghoiehiwong".  (translated:  I wear a Cinderella dress)  That is no exaggeration.  Her most recent ones are very detailed pictures with actual sentences...correctly spelled might I add!  A tribute to excellent teachers! 

I was tickled to see my name in her book a few times even.  My two favorites read "My mom had my baby brother on her birthday." and "I went to church to learn about God.  God loves everyone."  :)  I remember when Jake was in 4K and had a journal.  Almost every page was about his daddy and not a single one about mama. :)  I don't think he'll ever be accused of being a mama's boy!!

After the conference we all go to lunch with our kiddos.  It really is a big deal.  I didn't know that last year when Jake was in 5K.  Just about every parent comes - moms and dads!!  I know it's hard for working parents to get off of work in the middle of the day, so I feel very blessed that Michael and I both were able to be there today. 

 These sweet boys from Jake's class joined us :)
 As well as these!

 After they ate, the dads were summoned to the ballfield where the boys (and a few girls) play each day after lunch.  Jake has begged Michael to come at recess time and play kickball all year!! 
 Dads vs Sons

After the picnic the kids usually come home with mom and dad.  We picked up their Mother's Day gifts before we left.  This one in particular made me smile.

Doesn't look like much....I know.  It was one of Jake's gifts (water bottle with a lemonade pack) but the big "G" on the front, that is for Gamecocks.  Jake hates the Gamecocks but he knows I like them.  It was a big thing for him to choose to draw something his mom liked instead of him. For Jake, that is a big show of love. :) (Note he did put a tiny tiger paw at the top, just to remind me that he was still a Clemson Tiger)  I will take what I can get.  :)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubbie

Cinco de Mayo to some....Happy Birthday to others :)

In our house it's Happy Birthday all the way!!!

I asked Michael if he would like a baby for his birthday.  He said no. 

Humph. Be that way then.

So thankful for every year we spend together.  God has blessed our lives in so many ways. 

I will always be thankful for this man and what he means to me, our children, our family, and our friends.

***Disclaimer:  My husband is going to KILL me for this picture.  I am willing to take that chance. ***

Every year I ask him where he would like to eat.  Every year he says he does not care.  I ask if we should celebrate with the rest of the US at our local Mexican restaurant and he agrees.  Every year he ends up wearing a sombrero and swearing he will not go back. :) 

 Wouldn't be complete without the song :)

Funny Story for the Day:  Ella Kate discovered today that boys do not wipe when using the bathroom and is equally disgusted and confused.  A neighbor boy used our restroom today and EK reported that he did not flush AND he did not wipe.  I told her it was fine, that sometimes they too forget to flush, but that boys did not wipe.  She gave me the strangest look and all she could say was, "But...but... But what if.... But"  She left it at that when I told her to ask her dad why they did not.  :)