Friday, April 08, 2011

Party Day

EK was more excited about today than she was her actual birthday since she thought she didn't turn 6 until her party!  She had been talking about her skating party for a year now....ever since her last birthday!

 I think almost all of them started out in "big" skates.  The floor was pretty clear....they were all skating on the carpet!!  By the end, they had for the most part all went to the little adjustable ones.  It was just easier for them.  :) 

 This little guy was a skating machine!!  He would just take off running across the floor!  Sometimes he would make it...sometimes he wiped out. :)

 Skating parties are a lot of work for mom and dad when they're this young!

 Listening to Justin Bieber on her new "ipod". :)

 Some Sweet T lovin'

 These 2 hadn't seen each other since they graduated 4K last spring but that didn't dampen this flame!! :)

 Only a Cookie Cake for my girl!!

 Hokie Pokie Time!!

 Spin the Bottle to win Ring Pops!

 First Family Photo since the hospital I think!  I have to admit that this was the second time we took this picture.  The first time we forgot T. :)  Looks kind of strange to have 5 in the picture....but so wonderful!!
After the party we stopped by Bruster's for birthday ice cream and hurried home so the kids could take a bike ride before dark.  Tanner loves taking walks in his new stroller!

All in all a super birthday!  Praying many more for our precious baby girl!

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Jennifer said...

She looked like she had a great time... 2 things.. 1st forgot T? how dare ya.. and 2nd glad he finally likes that