Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rolling Over

First off, I know my post titles are rather boring (unlike my friend Jo Ellen who always has the most clever titles!).  Most of the time, I'm just too lazy to spend time naming my posts, but it also makes it easy to look back and find something if needed!!  My memory is pretty foggy these days and creative names would just baffle me!!

So back to "Rolling Over"....

Fun, hot, summer day today.  The kiddos played most of the morning in the yard with some friends in the neighborhood.  Around lunchtime, Jake had to head to the baseball field for pictures.  Afterwards he had one hot game!!  It was well in the 80s today and poor T was sweating up a storm out there!!  He has a pretty good little team and they won their game easily today.

 One dirty kiddo after the game!

 I have never met this sweet lady, but her story touches me to no end.  My Ella Kate found one of her sweet Maddie-Bugs. :)
After the game we loaded up and were headed to the yellow mall in Gaffney to do some shopping.  We ended up changing plans and going to a Pig Pickin in Woodruff at a friend's house instead.  So glad we was nice to relax in the nice weather with David & Frankie, while the kids played with friends.  We also were able to visit with some friends we hadn't seen in quite some time (and some we see quite often!). 

Not to leave out the main point of my we were getting ready to leave tonight, I put Tanner down in the living room on his playmat.  I laid him on his back like I always do.  I went into the kitchen to clean up some, and after a while, realized I hadn't heard anything out of him in a while.  I peeped in to check on him and found him laying on his tummy, holding his head straight up looking at me!!!  I was quite shocked!! :)

He has been rolling onto his side for a few weeks now so I figured it wouldn't be very long.  He just couldn't figure out how to get that arm out of the way!  I wanted to see him perform his new trick so we laid him on his back again and he immediately rolled right over!  Sweet thing just kept doing it. 

I'm tickled watching him grow and learn new things, but sad at the same time that it's happening so quickly! 

Friday, April 08, 2011

Party Day

EK was more excited about today than she was her actual birthday since she thought she didn't turn 6 until her party!  She had been talking about her skating party for a year now....ever since her last birthday!

 I think almost all of them started out in "big" skates.  The floor was pretty clear....they were all skating on the carpet!!  By the end, they had for the most part all went to the little adjustable ones.  It was just easier for them.  :) 

 This little guy was a skating machine!!  He would just take off running across the floor!  Sometimes he would make it...sometimes he wiped out. :)

 Skating parties are a lot of work for mom and dad when they're this young!

 Listening to Justin Bieber on her new "ipod". :)

 Some Sweet T lovin'

 These 2 hadn't seen each other since they graduated 4K last spring but that didn't dampen this flame!! :)

 Only a Cookie Cake for my girl!!

 Hokie Pokie Time!!

 Spin the Bottle to win Ring Pops!

 First Family Photo since the hospital I think!  I have to admit that this was the second time we took this picture.  The first time we forgot T. :)  Looks kind of strange to have 5 in the picture....but so wonderful!!
After the party we stopped by Bruster's for birthday ice cream and hurried home so the kids could take a bike ride before dark.  Tanner loves taking walks in his new stroller!

All in all a super birthday!  Praying many more for our precious baby girl!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Baby Girl Turns 6!

My sweet Ella Kate turned 6 today. 

She has been so confused about when she actually turns six.  She can't keep straight whether she turns 6 on her birthday or on the day of her birthday party.  Even tonight, she asked me if she was 6 yet!!  I guess in a 6 year old mind, the party is the biggest part of the birthday.

Her teacher, Ms Sherbert, called me earlier in the week to see if I wanted to go on their field trip with them today.  Me and Tanner were very excited to spend time with her on her special day!!  We left this morning and spent all day "walking Reidville".  We walked to the post office, fire department, dance studio, karate studio, Southern Sisters ice cream shoppe for ice cream, and finally to the ball fields for lunch and a little kickball!  Ella Kate was partner with Raleigh and Layla and all the kiddos were so cute checking out Tanner.  How special to be able to visit all those places right in Reidville on foot!  I enjoyed spending time with EK, her friends, and such good teachers!  I'm going to miss having a little on in Ms Sherbert and Ms Petrina's class next year!

Ella Kate asked for one thing for her birthday - a Hannah Montana guitar.  Not sure why but....

I found one at Toys R Us but wasn't sure if it was the kind she wanted so I took her to pick one out after school. She ended up picking a Wizards of Waverly Place/Selena Gomez one over Hannah Montana(yes!!!!) and an ipod (or a MP3 player as we know them).  As soon as she got the guitar out and strummed it, we both made a face!  It sounded terrible!!  She said it sounded like a bee. :)  Pop tuned it for her and they had a little sing-a-long in the parking lot tonight. :)

Jake had baseball practice tonight, so Ella Kate, Tanner, and I had birthday dinner with Mimi & Pop at "chip and dip".  She wanted Bojangles but decided to go to chip and dip since Pop liked it better.  She was seranaded by the waitors and given a Mexican dessert.  The look of embarrassment on her face was priceless!!

When we got home she loaded up her "ipod" with music and went straight to bed.  Such a sweet day with a sweet girl.

Happy Birthday Ella Kate!!  Mommy, Daddy, Jake, & Tanner love you very much!!