Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break 2011~Day Two

Today we slept a little late before we headed over to Granny & Papa's for a long overdue visit.  Granny was working in the garden and Papa in the shop when we got there but they were quick to come inside and see those grandbabies!  Granny got in some good lovin' on Tanner while we were there!

After we left Granny & Papa's, we headed to Zaxby's and to get the kids a much needed hair cut!! Ella Kate decided she was ready for her short do again so we left much lighter than we came. :)

The park was next on our agenda.  The kids wanted to go to Kids Planet where Jake always asks to have his birthday party.  We played until we were cold and hungry!

 It was breaking my heart to realize that Jake isn't as enthralled with a playground as he used to be.  We had a little glimpse of that when we went to Stoneledge a few weeks ago.  He was completely bored!  Today at Kids Planet, every time I turned around, he was on TOP of the playground instead of playing ON it (as evidenced by pics below)! I had to smile to myself as I could see that was much more interesting to an almost 8 year old boy.  There was a group of older boys there that played follow the leader for a while.  Sweet little Jake just tagged right along with them and had a great time, though. 

He has really started to change from "little boy" to an "older boy" lately.  I'm trying to focus on it being a fun change for us instead of a change that means my firstborn is moving more quickly towards being grown.  At least I now have baby T to experience all the firsts with one last time!!

 They're not always smiling these days when they play together so I captured as many of these as I could.  And even this fun game ended in a fight!! :)

 My Granny asked if T was a Republican....  It took me a minute to get it.  Do you?  :)

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Mimi said...

What a fun day! work sure makes me miss the fun things!