Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011~Day One

We decided not to go on a trip this Spring Break, for a variety of reasons, so we are making the most of our time here at home this week!

Most of this week is supposed to be yucky and rainy so Monday we visited the Children's Museum in Greenville.  We had never been but had heard it was really fun!  We were not disappointed!  Nana went along with us and the kids were so excited!

 When I was little, I would have stayed in this "kiddie sized" grocery store the entire time! :)

 This is a large stomach slide!  When you push the buttons where they are, they make "digestive" noises!! Yes....that's what I mean!! :)

 I see my future in this least the very first thing they did was put on the seatbelts!!
 Nana liked the rocking chairs at Grandma Betty's Farm!

 The water area was probably the kids favorite thing.  It is an entire room filled with this huge pool of water and lots of fun things to do in it.  Jake has had a deep love of water since he was small....I should have known he'd be captivated! They also have an area for the little ones that I'm intrigued by.  It's pretty much a table (like the ones Jon & Kate had when the kids were small) that has seats in it for babies to sit.  There is a fountain right in the center of the table that squirts all over the table.  I can't wait to bring Tanner back to see how he likes that! 

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Mimi said...

Wish i could have been there - looks like so much fun!