Tuesday, March 08, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Ok, so maybe it was mommy getting her teeth cleaned but T still went!

I started to cancel my appt because we didn't get much sleep since Michael seemed to be getting sick last night.  That's unusual so it made me very nervous!  He woke up with only some sinus congestion so we were very thankful!

Tanner didn't move a muscle at the dentist, even when they all ooo'ed and ahhh'ed over him. :)  Dr Daniel's comment, "Boy!  He's a HOSS!" :)  He had a petite little princess born on Dec 21 so I'm sure he IS huge compared to her!  They did not know about baby T being a "he" so they were all very excited about the surprise.

After the appt, T had done so good that I decided to be optimistic and try to run some errrands.  I went in 5 stores and he still was not awake!!! 

We made it all the way home before he started to squirm. It was sooo nice to check all that off my list and have such a cooperative little one!

We had some visitors yesterday - Heather and Mandy and their kiddos - that brought some VERY good chocolate oatmeal cookies.  Ms Elaine makes the best!!  It had been a while since we had visitors so it was fun to see them!  Heather has a 10 day old little one - Jackson - who made T look like a 6 month old!! :)

Jake started baseball last night.  As (friend)T said.....you'd think he's in the major leagues!!  He has practice 4 days a week!!!  That doesn't include the games even.  This should be a fun season of juggling baseball, soccer, and baby T!

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