Monday, February 14, 2011

Lost Another One

To the box fan...

What is the draw of this thing anyway??  I never heard of anyone sleeping with a box fan running until my best friend and college roommate married a box fan lover....or maybe she was the box fan lover...can't recall.  When they carried it on vacation with them, I officially wrote them off as crazies. :) 

The last time we went out of town, the box fan was the first thing in the van.

Michael and I had our first big marital fights over sleeping conditions.  I was used to falling asleep with the tv on and set on a timer, while he preferred running a box fan all night and falling asleep in complete darkness. 

Guess who won that battle.... NOW we know who is the stubborn one!! :)

Back to present day, I now have a husband and 3 children who don't sleep worth a flip without that darn fan!!!  :) :)

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Ashley McWhorter said...

That is funny! Have you tried a sound machine? All 3 of my children sleep with them. A lot smaller item when traveling. :)